Portable Guitar, Very Practical to Practice Guitar Wherever You are

Portable Guitar –  Especially when we have the desire to master a new skill, whatever field we are currently in. Especially in the world of music, the expression “practice makes perfect” is something that is always used as a guide, both for people who are studying (for example) a musical instrument, or people who are actually music teachers.

Friends here must have often heard about the story of how your idol musicians used to spend most of their time in one day just practicing, some of which even spent 10 hours a day just practicing.

Let’s take a minute to look back a few years when we were hot-hot learning the instrument we were learning. Maybe without realizing it we can spend hours in a day that we have just to practice, agree?

But as time develops, mindsets and the emergence of various other demands in our lives, little by little the portion of our practice is eroded, until finally we no longer have the opportunity to take the time to practice.

The picture above is a story that can be said to be “very human” because there must be some friends here who are in that phase and I’m sure there are some friends here who are still struggling to always make time for training.

The good news is that over time, etc., musical instrument manufacturers finally answer this problem by releasing products that are all-portable; Starting from guitars, amps, recording devices, until there are also portable PA speakers. Well, let’s say all of that was made to make it easier for friends here who do have limited time to practice.

Anyway, we’re not going to talk about recording devices or portable PA speakers, because that might be a bit deviating from the context of the “practice” above. In this article, we will discuss about portable guitar, both locally made and overseas, which can later help your practice process.

Some Recommended Portable Guitar

1. The Tripper – Travel Guitar

The Tripper - Travel Guitar - Portable guitar

Is an interesting travel guitar to mention in our list this time. Because even though there are many travel guitars out there, this The Tripper product is one that you can easily get. Because The Tripper is one of the product variants made by Stranough Guitar Tech (Bandung-Indonesia).

This travel guitar with attractive designs and materials has several features that can help you keep practicing. One of them is the output for the headset/headphones, which makes you stay focused if you don’t want to be disturbed by the surrounding environment. In addition, there is also a TRS Jack output (standard guitar jack) if you want to use an amp or speaker.

With relatively small dimensions and the features provided, this product is arguably a flexible portable gear, because it can meet your training needs, but is also ready to be brought to a gig, etc., because this product contains hardware found in most electric guitars, including tremolo up/down.

2. Jamstik+

Jamstik+ portable guitar

One of the products resulting from the rapid development of technology. Because the features provided in this product are arguably very up to date. This product made by Zivix does provide futuristic features, because the basic concept of this guitar is a digital guitar with real strings and frets, starting from MIDI-Controller, Bluetooth, and supplemental applications on your smartphone.

Yup, with Bluetooth, this thing can connect with your gadgets, be it iOS, Mac OSX, Windows, or Android. Since this thing is also a MIDI Controller, it can produce not only guitar sounds but anything (depending on your mastery of sound processing or synthesizers). In addition, this product is also able to integrate with various kinds of DAW.

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3. Anymo

Anymo Gitar

Another Portable Guitar product made in Bandung-Indonesia is included in the list this time. Perhaps in terms of dimensions, this product is not too much different from the general acoustic guitar, but in terms of the breakthroughs made, Anymo has succeeded in breaking the standard of acoustic guitars in general.

Because this guitar is probably an acoustic guitar with the thinnest design, it automatically makes this product into our list category as a portable gear that can accommodate us to practice anywhere. And, this guitar looks cool.

The main reason and benefit of having a portable guitar is the fact that you can easily carry it with you. Or in other words, without having to add to the burden of our innate, so we can practice anywhere. Hopefully, this article can help your practice process, and in the future can motivate friends here to practice harder.