Nick Jonas Selling CD Album in a Car Bagage

Nowadays, the singers are usually released and sell their songs and albums online. But Nick Jonas did not want too follow this trend.

Dressed in red, the singer of the song “Jealous” took to the streets of Manhattan, New York City, for direct selling CD album while meeting fans. Using a sedan car that is also red, Nick Jonas, with a smile serve fans demand.

nick jonas cars

nick jonas selling cd in a car bagage


As he put up signs that read, “Nick Jonas, Last Year Was Complicated, $ 15” Nick Jonas wait on the request of some fans to take pictures with.

Once satisfied to serve fans, Nick Jonas entered into a sedan, and immediately drove to the events of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. On the talk show that he joined Demi Lovato to promote their joint tour, titled “Future Now.”

Both of these old friends seem very happy to be working together again. Citing the Daily Mail, Friday (17/06/2016), Nick Jonas also briefly commented on the breakup of Demi Lovato old girlfirend, Wilder Valderama.

“My friendship with Wilmer established well for many years, I was very fond of him. Demi is one of my closest friends in the world, so I will always be there for her, for both of them,” he told to the Entertainment Tonight.

However, Nick Jonas said, the breaking of Demi Lovato and Wilder Valderama occur at a very appropriate time for all sides.

Approximately what does he mean, huh?