Muse Band Tried Metal as his Music Color

Muse Band – Since 2021, Muse has been slowly trying to take steps to be able to return to active work. This is done by re-releasing previous albums and also presenting interactive virtual concerts. Now, Muse has again leaked new plans for their latest music project in the future.

The leak of the latest information from Muse seems to have been done on purpose. Matt Bellamy, as the frontman of Muse, provides a lattice of new music that Muse will introduce in the future. This was done when Matt Bellamy was holding an Instagram Live session. The song that sounds a bit has a thick musical element and at the back of the live video, Matt Bellamy’s son can be seen doing a headbang which seems to give a thumbs up to the new music color that Muse is trying to carry.

Not only announcing the color of the latest music from Muse, but Matt Bellamy also announced the title of the latest Muse song. Although it has not been officially introduced, until now Matt Bellamy explained that “Won’t Stand Down” was the title chosen to represent the new music from Muse.

Although it has a distinctive metal feel, in fact, Muse still tries to combine their authentic musical elements. This is done so that there is a solid bridge in providing vocal space from Matt Bellamy who has a high pitch range. Metal elements can be heard through the beat of the bass which is quite rough and has a neatly arranged beat.

Muse Band - Won't Stand Down

The introduction of a new music color from Muse further confirms that the British rock band is serious and consistent in maintaining their existence in the eyes of world music lovers. The news about Muse’s plans to make a new album or song was already revealed by Matt Bellamy in 2020. The Black Lives Matter protest was recognized by the vocalist as one of the triggers for him to return to music seriously.

Representing Muse, Matt Bellamy explained that the world that had been chaotic due to Covid-19 had to be re-forged with the issue of racism, which made him furious. The annoyance felt by the Muse vocalist was also converted into a song. He admits that it is quite strange to write a song filled with anger and resentment. Even so, this is done so that the work still has an element of honesty that is promoted.

Regarding the interactive virtual concert created by Muse in 2021, this came from the curiosity of the three Muse personnel about the potential for developing virtual concerts. This potential development comes through virtual reality or VR features. This virtual concert assisted by the VR feature comes with the title Enter The Simulation. To create this futuristic concept, Muse collaborated with Stageverse. Stageverse is a new digital platform and application that provides virtual concerts with the feel of an interactive real concert. As the basis of this concept, Muse tried to bring back the Simulation Theory album tour concert in Madrid in 2019.

This concert was held virtual with a different experience presented by Muse. It was held on 21 September. Muse fans enter a virtual concert simulation room through the Stageverse application called Stageverse Stadium. In this virtual concert, concert connoisseurs can attend in the form of avatars and greet other concert connoisseurs while enjoying Enter The Simulation from Muse.

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Matt Bellamy explained that when he first came up with the idea for the Simulation Theory album, the musician wanted Muse to be a bridge that could provide a different experience about technology in human life. According to the Muse frontman, the presence of the Enter The Simulation concert is a good step to try again to find a middle path for humans to live with technology as a whole.

Apart from his music projects with Muse and his solo music projects, Matt Bellamy also participates in a supergroup formed by Miles Kane. The Jaded Hearts Club is a supergroup that was founded in 2017 and in 2021, this rock supergroup has finally returned with their latest single Do I Love You (Indeed I Do). This new single from The Jaded Hearts Club is also new material in 2021 which they first released. Despite being a new material for The Jaded Hearts, the song Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) is not a foreign song for classic R&B and soul lovers to listen to.

The song Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) is an original by Frank Wilson recorded in 1965 and distributed through Motown Records. This work also became the only work of Frank Wilson when he joined Motown Records before finally landing on another major record label. In order to preserve this classic, The Jaded Hearts decided to recycle the work using the characteristics of their rock music in 2021.

Nic Cester as the vocalist of The Jaded Hearts stated that the reason for choosing the song Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) stems from the story of Frank Wilson as a musician himself. The vocalist, who is also a member of the Australian rock band, Jet, explained that it would be a shame if this song had to be forgotten by future generations. According to him, behind the relatively simple musicality, the song Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) has its own magical impression and this has also succeeded in attracting the members of The Jaded Hearts to re-release the song.

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