4 Most Expensive Guitars In The World According to World History

Most Expensive Guitars In The World – When it comes to musical instruments, for example, guitars, the price cannot fool the quality provided. Brands with a worldwide reputation with the best components often make them the most expensive guitar manufacturers. The terminology of the most expensive guitar is actually not very popular in the musical instrument industry. The reason is, musical instruments such as guitars are considered more as a necessity by musicians and not as a commodity. So, whether you’re looking for the most expensive or cheapest guitar, as long as it fits the concept and plan required by the musician, the price doesn’t really matter. However, several well-known builders and producers are still trying to produce the most expensive guitars. Both for collectors and musicians who are still actively working.

The most expensive guitar manufacturers usually issue signature series guitars or replicas of famous and legendary musicians. The production of this kind of most expensive guitar is still quite common. However, the production of the most expensive guitars like this usually only comes in limited numbers. In addition to the question of price, the scarcity of units available from this most expensive guitar series produced makes it a quite special musical instrument. For those of you who are curious, here are some of the most expensive guitars ever produced. It should be noted that this most expensive guitar has a price that is far above average.

Kramer Frankenstrat, Eddie Van Halen

Kramer Frankenstrat, Eddie Van Halen

The first Most Expensive Guitars In The World is Kramer Frankenstrat. Since Eddie Van Halen‘s departure in 2020, memorabilia like his iconic Kramer Frankenstrat guitar has come at a high price. The price tag of the most expensive guitar belonging to the late Van Halen frontman more or less comes from its long history. However, it turned out that it was not the original guitar from Eddie Van Halen which was able to achieve the title as one of the most expensive guitars, but only a replica. This replica of Eddie Van Halen’s most expensive guitar is indeed recorded as production from Kramer.

One of the top-quality guitar manufacturers in the world produced a copy of the iconic Frankenstrat guitar at Eddie Van Halen’s wish. The musician wanted to give the most expensive guitar twin to one of his friends, Bryan Cush. The guitar was also successfully sold at auction for 231,250 United States dollars or the equivalent of 3 billion rupiahs. However, Wolfgang Van Halen, son of the late Eddie Van Halen, did not approve of the auction.

1964 Gibson ES-335, Eric Clapton

The next Most Expensive Guitars In The World is Gibson ES-335. The name Eric Clapton as a legendary musician is in fact able to produce a perception as a guitarist with the most expensive collection of guitars. This was met by several auction events which often showcased the musician’s guitar and managed to sell it at a fantastic price. One of the most expensive guitars belonging to Eric Clapton which was sold as the most expensive guitar at auction is the Gibson ES-335 Hollow Body which was produced in 1964. Guitars produced in the old year are indeed considered to be good guitar productions.

Gibson ES-335, Eric Clapton

But the history of Eric Clapton’s musical career also helped the guitar to have the title as one of the most expensive guitars. At an auction in 2004, Eric Clapton’s original guitar was sold for 847,500 US dollars. Even though the initial estimate from the auction organizer thought that one of Eric Clapton’s guitars had a much lower price. Eric Clapton’s most expensive guitar was used by the musician for various musical projects. Starting from solo projects, his music projects with bands such as The Yardbirds, John Mayall’s Bluesbreaker, Cream, and many others.

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1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Keith Richards

The next Most Expensive Guitars In The World is Keith Richard’s Guitar. In addition to Eric Clapton, there are other British musicians who managed to sell their guitars with an estimated price tag that made the instrument one of the most expensive guitars. The most expensive guitar on this one belongs to Keith Richards, guitarist from The Rolling Stones. There is no detailed information about when this 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar owned by Keith Richards was auctioned. However, some sources state that the most expensive guitar that is attached to the early career image of Keith Richards and The Rolling Stones has sold up to 1 million US dollars.

Gibson Les Paul Standard, Keith Richards

The valuable value of Keith Richards’ most expensive guitar also adds quite a significant amount when people find out that Keith Richard had played it in a prestigious television show in the United States, the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 before finally switching to using Fender’s guitars to this day. Some guitar observers also understand that Keith Richards’ guitar has managed to become one of the most expensive guitars today. The reason is, for the standard version, the Gibson Les Paul, which was released in the same year, can now sell for hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

1958 Gibson Korina Explorer

Gibson Korina Explorer

The next Most Expensive Guitars In The World is Gibson Korina Explorer. One of the most expensive guitars on this list is the only guitar that doesn’t have the association of a legendary musician. 1958 Gibson Korina Explorer is a personal project or mission from Gibson as a guitar manufacturer to make a special guitar. The exclusivity that is present in this guitar is found in the main material. To produce the most expensive guitar, Gibson uses a wood material called Korina. In addition, Gibson has only produced 10 of its most expensive guitars using Korina wood. One of Gibson’s most expensive guitars was successfully sold to a music store in Denmark for 1.1 million United States dollars. One of Gibson’s subsidiaries, Epiphone has now sold a replica version at a price of 600 US dollars which is much cheaper than the original.