MOOER GE-200 The Multi Monster Review

MOOER GE-200 – In today’s world, it’s a bit difficult to distinguish audio sound from pure analog or digital sources. Especially with a simple listening method without thinking about the details of the frequency.

As a result of technological developments to date, all-analog sound ‘packages’ seem to be modified in such a way that the sound format can already be enjoyed from digital devices.

In the past, many people still had the principle that analog quality was above all else. They can be said to be fanatical in principle, to the point of not wanting to believe that digital gear will have comparable quality.

What we will discuss now is one of Mooer’s devices, namely the GE-200 which is currently attracting the attention of many guitarists.

The Mooer GE-200 is a very compact and multi-effect modeling amp. This specification is very suitable for guitarists who often spend time on the streets.

In the world of guitar effects, technological developments are growing very rapidly. Device developers are competing to get the best position in the market. Guitarists are always looking for the “perfect” sound.

MOOER GE-200 review

The first impression that we like the most is the attractive design, which is very modern, seems simple and tough on the field, especially when carried on the tour.

A relatively small size will be very compact when we take it on a flight. Yes, flights will always be a major problem when we carry large and heavy goods, especially for cross-country flights.

Effects and Presets

With the factory defaults of one hundred and fifty presets in this device, it is still possible to add fifty blanks presets ready to be added. All presets are prepared for all styles and any genre.

Classic amplifiers like the Marshall JCM800 and Fender Twin Reverb are included, as are iconic effects like the Ibanez Tube Screamer.

With the large number of presets contained in this device, any style and style of music can be easily obtained using this tool.

For guitarists who like high gain sounds the Mesa Amp and Peavey Amp simulator will be one of the top choices here. Meanwhile, the output of the simulator will provide a pleasant sensation when played. So be prepared to be blasted.

If you’re not the type of guitarist who likes high-gain frequencies, preset choices like crystal clean, the heavy vibrato Fender Twin tones ambiance you feel will look the same as if you were using the Mooer Ocean Machine.

There’s a huge variety of options that this device offers, and it’s easy to get lost with this versatility of the Mooer GE-200.

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In Conclusion

There are so many companies competing to make products other than Mooer. And the Mooer GE-200 has several standout points for us to consider, including:

  • Character design.
  • There is an expression pedal even though this device is relatively small.
  • Capable of processing new amplifiers with their IRs.
  • All sounds have a pretty good output.

In short, this device for beginners will help a lot especially from an operational point of view, and explore the different nuances of different amplifiers with different speaker combinations.

However, this tool is not only designed for beginners as a lot of professional guitarists carry the device with them when they go on tour. An example is Ola Englund who once brought this tool with The Haunted.

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