Meat Loaf Collapse In The Middle Of The Concert

Meat loaf on stage

Senior British singer, Meat Loaf suddenly knocked unconscious when entertaining thousands of fans in Edmonton, Alberta, on Thursday (06/16/2016) night local time.

In a number of video spread across social media, the singer who soared for the album Bat Out of Hell collapsed while singing one of his hits singles, “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Will not Do That)”.

Luckily, during the incident, Meat Loaf still managed to withstand the weight of his body with his hands, so that there is no significant injuries during the incident.

After being taken to the hospital, representatives of management to make sure the star Meat Loaf is in stable condition. However, to maximize the recovery process, the management was forced to postpone a number of performances to come.

“He is grateful for all the support and prayers. A number of issues related to delays or rescheduling the concert will we proclaim in the near future,” said a representative of Meat Loaf management.

For the record, this is not the first time Meat Loaf collapsed while onstage. In addition to the concert had collapsed in 2011. The rocker is also been carried to the hospital when performing at Wembley Arena, in 2003.