Latest News: Travie McCoy Joins Hopeless Records

Travie McCoy – In the middle of 2021, he comes with a surprise for his music lovers. The surprise came from Travie McCoy’s official status to join Hopeless Records. For loud music lovers, maybe you already know that Hopeless Records is one of the record labels that have quite a good reputation in the punk scene.

However, this step taken by Travie McCoy is not a new thing for the musician and does not become a problem that raises several questions. Because Travie McCoy is known as one of the rap musicians who run in the realm of alternative hip hop. In this realm, Travie McCoy feels free to combine the characteristics of his rap music with a touch of loud music, such as punk rock.

In the history of his career, Travie McCoy is known to have close relationships with several musicians in the punk scene. As is well known, Travie McCoy previously made a music project with Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy and named themselves as Gym Class Heroes. Travie McCoy’s seriousness in continuing to make music in the alternative hip hop track is proven this time with a single entitled A Spoonful Of Cinnamon.

Travie McCoy

In the single, it can be heard that Travie McCoy continues to consistently develop new creative approaches in his rap music. A Spoonful Of Cinnamon is a way of Travie McCoy in combining elements of rock with hip hop which is expected to attract the attention of the two different axes of the genre. The latest single from Travie McCoy can also be considered as a form of celebration and the inauguration of Travie McCoy joining the scope of Hopeless Records.

Travie McCoy explained that one of the reasons he joined Hopeless Records was so that he could attract the attention of a wider audience of music. With such a wide reach, Travie McCoy also wants himself to be an inspiration for people who are serious about choosing a musical path in life. Especially for those who are young and have the passion to make a better life for future generations.

For the song itself, A Spoonful of Cinnamon has a deeply personal impression on Travie McCoy. The musician, who recently joined Hopeless Records, wrote the song as a tribute to those closest to him who had to leave Travie McCoy first last year. Explicitly, Travie McCoy stated that 2020 was a pretty difficult year for him to live. Even so, Travie McCoy still tries to think positively from all the experiences he gets to get through this quite worrying year.

The presence of the song A Spoonful Of Cinnamon was used by Travie McCoy as a reminder for him to continue to be able to survive and play a role in maintaining the hopes of those he left behind. Travie McCoy explained that almost every day at the height of the US pandemic, he never stopped receiving calls telling him that the people closest to him were gone. Travie McCoy is grateful that in dealing with this emotionally and mentally draining news, he was able to stay strong.

When he first emerged as a solo musician, many thought that Travie McCoy disbanded Gym Class Heroes in 2010. Responding to these rumors, Travie McCoy explained that since Gym Class Heroes was formed in 1997, all of its members including Patrick Stump have had other musical projects. When deciding to become a solo musician Travie McCoy explained that maybe it was time for the rapper to try other realms of music.

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In proving his determination to play in a new realm of music, in the same year, Travie McCoy immediately succeeded in releasing his first album entitled Lazarus with the flagship single Billionaire in collaboration with Bruno Mars. The single champion also managed to make Travie McCoy’s popularity skyrocket as a solo musician. After releasing his first album, Travie McCoy just revealed that it took him 1 year to complete his debut album. Besides Bruno Mars, other big names such as T-Pain, The Smeezingtons, The Stereotypes, Lucas Secon, Oligee, and Josh Abraham were also present to color their debut album as producers and musicians who contributed their musical expertise.