KORN ‘S Secret Will Be Revealed In a Book

Korn – Despite being dominated by music, the musician’s work throughout his career did not always release songs or albums. Sometimes musicians also create works in other formats. This will be done by Korn in 2021. Korn tries to introduce a book as one of the creative works in their journey as one of the veteran music groups.

Although not introducing the work in the form of a song, this latest book that Korn plans still has a wedge that is attached to their song. Even Korn’s song is an inspiration and also a big theme in the writing of the book. As an explanation, Korn did not serve as the author of this book. This book about Korn songs was written by a person named Matt Karpe under the title Korn: Every Album. This is the fourth book by the author who consistently analyzes genre innovations and developments in the music industry.

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In Korn’s latest book, the author tries to analyze as well as find the deep meaning of each lyric written by the nu-metal band. Not only in the textual section but Matt Karpe also tries to dig up as much information as possible in the aspect of Korn’s musicality. The writer tries to explore the deep meaning of all Korn’s works, from singles, albums, B-sides, to movie soundtracks and video games ever released by the American nu metal band.

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The plan, Korn: Every Album will be released simultaneously in the UK at the end of November. For the market share and also Korn fans in other parts of the world, a book about the work of the nu-metal band will be released at the end of January 2022. The writing process carried out by Matt Karpe is written in chronological order to tell the career journey of Korn. The writers will open the story of Korn’s journey from their demo album, Neidermayer’s Mind in 1993 to their last work on the album The Nothing in 2019.

During approximately 28 years of work, of course, there are many things that have colored Korn’s musical career journey, both those that are known to the public or those that are still a secret and only known by loyal fans. To know more about Korn, here are some interesting facts about Korn as one of the veterans in the international nu-metal music scene.

The history of Korn’s song, written by Matt Karpe, will also tell about their dynamics as a band. One of them is Munky’s role in finding the name Korn. Munky Korn was the first to propose the idea for the name of the band he formed. Initially, Munky suggested the name “Corn” but the other members did not agree with the choice. Persistent enough to defend his argument, Munky Korn finally modified the name “Corn” to “Korn” with the letter “R” pointing opposite to the logo.

As all Korn connoisseurs know, this nu-metal band was left by one of their guitarists for religious reasons. In 2005, at a time when Korn’s career was taking its toll, surprisingly guitarist Brian “Head” Welch decided to leave the band that made his name. His decision to resign from Korn did not only surprise his fans, but his bandmates also felt the same way.

All the remaining members of Korn at that time did not believe the reason given by Head. The guitarist chose to leave the band because he wanted to learn more about the religion he believed in. Head feels that a career in music keeps him away from God. At the same time, Head also has problems with dependence on alcohol and sedatives. He felt it was the right time to quit Korn. After the problems had subsided and he felt closer to the creator, Head finally agreed to fill the void in the nu-metal band again in 2013.

In addition, at the beginning of Korn’s formation, a young nu-metal band at that time had the courage to show off in front of the already famous Red Hot Chili Peppers. This incident began when Korn was about to do band practice, Fieldy saw Anthony Kiedis and Chad Smith across the street. Taking advantage of the momentum, the bassist finally tried to convince the two members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to see Korn play in the studio and the offer was accepted by both of them. But unexpectedly, Anthony Kiedis and Chad Smith felt normal with Korn’s music playing at that time. It is known that at that time, Korn was training under the influence of alcohol and they realized that their playing music at that time was bad enough to be exhibited in public, let alone in front of famous people.