How to Find Best Sounding Electric Guitar for Your Music

Best Sounding Electric Guitar – Producing the best guitar sound is one of the most frequently asked questions by guitarists. Even though information about this is actually easy to access, including on the internet or in books, sometimes there are still many guitarists who are constrained in maximizing the gear they have. Good sound is indeed the obligation of the guitarist, but the term good sound here must also be questioned again because “good” tends to be tentative.

Each type of music has its own good measure. For example, a sound that is considered good for metal music is not necessarily suitable for jazz music, for example. So, in my opinion, it takes some basic information that guitarists should know so maybe this problem can be gradually resolved. The idea here is that guitarists should know various ways to produce their dream guitar sound. For that, this article will tell you the ways that I often use to produce my guitar sound in some of the bands I’ve worked with, hopefully, this article can complete the knowledge of superfriends.

Let’s start from the simplest thing, sometimes guitarists are influenced by current trends or tempted to buy expensive gear, even though they don’t have enough energy and knowledge to master it, the result is that the resulting sound can actually still be pursued at cheaper gear. So be wise with your money superfriends, I highly recommend really know the weaknesses and shortcomings of the gear that we have. So that this large expense can be reduced, without compromising the sound quality of our guitar. For example, every time I have an amp, effect, guitar, or another accessory, I will test it to the extreme, reading the manual that is usually included every time I buy gear so it’s a must-read before starting. Then after that, each knob will be rotated to see how far it affects the sound produced. After that, I just started exploring every detail and feature that the gear has to offer. I really advise superfriends not to skip this step given how important this process is.

Best Sounding Electric Guitar

Best Sounding Electric Guitar

Furthermore, if you want the guitar sound to sound deadly, make sure the superfriends gear must be maintained so that a good recording from the start will make mixing easier and of course the end result will be better. Use new strings and make sure the guitar is tuned to ensure good intonation and that there are no unwanted frets or other avoidable sounds (buzzing). For most rock and metal music, we recommend using a guitar with a good quality humbucker pickup. so consider upgrading it. Also, use a high-quality instrument cable with the lowest possible buffer size.

For amp or effects pedal settings, I usually start by setting everything at 12 o’clock, except volume assuming that the volume is set later and adjusted to the volume of all the instruments in the band when playing together. Then I started to get the guitar sound that I like, usually, I like to write down the settings I like, or sometimes take a photo of it using my cellphone so it’s easy to look back when needed. Another practical way is to prepare white duct tape and permanent marker to record the effects pedal settings that superfriends like. Now, for digital effects, it’s even simpler because we just press the save/write button. In essence, spend at least a few hours experimenting and then see what the advantages are. If you manage to find the best sound for your music, then bring it to the stage or to the recording studio.

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I think the first stage has been completed, let’s move on to the next stage that guitarists must also know, namely when our guitar and gear are connected to the recording device. Don’t forget that there are three ways to connect your voice to your computer, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages, as I explain below: first, the connection from the guitar to the plug-in; plug-ins can be accessed when the instrument inputs are connected directly to the analog sound card mixer and operated within the computer. Superfriends can get plug-ins for free or paid ones.

This will help a lot because we can choose whatever we like including distortion, delay, chorus, and even a custom amp simulator designed to sound like popular guitar amplifiers. The advantage of this method is the flexibility to adjust the guitar sound according to taste and the desired sound that is considered suitable after recording. The disadvantage will be difficulty to determine which one is suitable because there are too many amplifier choices that will make the ears hesitate. Another drawback is the assumption that the sound from plugins or amp simulators is not as good as the sound of the original amplifier. -Best Sounding Electric Guitar-