Guns N Roses New Song Introduced in 2021

Guns N Roses New Song – The return of several music festivals abroad seems to encourage musicians, both young and senior, to be able to return to being productive in their work. Guns N Roses is one of the names that has shown its expertise in music again with the presence of a music festival in the United States. Guns N Roses introduced a new song called Absurd on the stage of their concert held at Fenway Park, Boston.

For loyal Guns N Roses fans, of course, they will not feel foreign to the song Absurd which was just performed at the concert in early August. The reason is, the song that was just introduced by Guns N Roses is a recycled song that was previously released by one of the veterans of the rock collective from the United States. The song Absurd is a remake of Guns N Roses’ song Silkworms which was one of the complementary parts of the 2008 album Chinese Democracy.

The name Absurd for Guns N Roses New Song, itself was chosen by Axl Rose as a form of oddity that he and the members of Guns N Roses did to recycle the song. The reason, Silkworms is one song that has a long enough life. Before finally being released on the album Chinese Democracy, the original song was first written by Guns N Roses in 2001. However, due to the dynamics and drama that occurred within the band, finally, the song Silkworms, which is now the song Absurd, got a place as material for the album. them in 2008.

Guns N Roses New Song - Absurd

Guns N Roses New Song, which was first introduced on the concert stage, can now be listened to in the original recorded version through available streaming music services. The latest stage action from Guns N Roses in Boston was the second concert that was successfully held after approximately 16 months, due to the pandemic, Guns N Roses had to take a break from the stage. On the concert stage which was held in Boston, Guns N Roses also performed a cover of I Wanna Be Your Dog from The Stooges.

The return of Guns N Roses to the stage debuted in late July at Hersheypark Stadium, Pennsylvania. The concert opened a stadium tour across the United States that had been too long overdue. For its first stage in 2021, Guns N Roses managed to entertain the 30,000 spectators who attended.

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New songs and concerts that are being held again are only a few of the good things that Guns N Roses feels in 2021. One of the legendary songs from the rock band finally got quite an impressive achievement. For the first time in the era of music streaming services, the Guns N Roses song, entitled Sweet Child O’ Mine, officially got a stream count of 1 billion on Spotify.

Several well-known media such as Forbes consider the new achievement that landed on Guns N Roses’ music career is a legendary milestone. The reason is, the song has been broadcast since 34 years ago and is still attracting a lot of interest from music listeners in 2021. Previously, Sweet Child O’ Mine had also crossed the 1 billion mark. In 2019, the video clip of the song from the Appetite for Destruction album was successfully watched 1 billion times on the video-sharing platform, Youtube. Guns N Roses New Song.

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