Green Day “POLLYANNA” Video Clip, Uploaded Green Day Concert Fun

Green Day POLLYANNA – Last May, loyal Green Day fans were surprised by the presence of their latest single, Pollyanna. however, Green Day’s introduction concept for his new single didn’t stop there. A few months later, now Green Day has finally brought up the audio-visual aspect to complement the development of Pollyanna’s single.

Interestingly, the audio-visual aspect of the video clip released by Green Day for this new single does not come from a conventional concept. Green Day decided to combine all sorts of footage from the resumption of their big tour, the Hella Mega Tour which was run with Fall Out Boy as well as Weezer. The selection of concert footage as the material for this video clip is based on Green Day because of the big theme that Pollyanna is trying to convey through the single.

Green Day stated that Pollyanna’s song was written as a message of encouragement for them, their families, and loyal fans to keep positive thinking in welcoming a normal life back. Considering the holding of the Hella Mega Tour, it is a form of hope that has become a reality for Green Day. Therefore, the concert documentation depicting celebration and fun is considered to represent the expectations presented in Green Day Pollyanna’s single.

On the same occasion, Mike Dirnt as the bass player from Green Day also explained that Pollyanna was the starting point of a new creative process discovered by the punk rock band. Furthermore, there will be new songs prepared to accompany the recovery period of Green Day fans, especially those in the United States.

Regarding the Hella Mega Tour concert, this big concert is an event that is eagerly awaited by rock music lovers almost all over the world. The reason is, Green Day invited two names of musician groups who also have a line of fanatical fans like them, namely Weezer and Fall Out Boy. After being delayed due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus in 2020, Green Day finally managed to hold their big concert at the end of last July in Texas, United States.


The opening night of the Hella Mega Tour concert in Texas, United States was opened with great fanfare by Green Day. This punk band, led by Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool, opened the concert with a setlist of popular classics such as American Idiot, Basket Case, and Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life). Not only that, but Green Day also performed a cover of the legendary concert anthem by Kiss, Rock, And Roll All Nite. Knowing that their iconic work was performed by Green Day in a phenomenal concert, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of Kiss showed their appreciation through a post on Twitter.

In the upload, the two legendary rock icons showed their pride in what Green Day held for the Hella Mega Tour amidst the longing for music and concert lovers during the Covid-19 pandemic. The plan is that Green Day will continue the Hella Mega Tour concert with Fall Out Boy and Weezer for the United States public throughout 2021. As for the European public and also the UK, it will be resumed in the middle of 2022.

Since being informed about the Green Day, Weezer, and Fall Out Boy concerts at the end of 2019, the enthusiasm of the music lovers of the three bands has emerged on social media. For the Southeast Asia region itself, initially, the Hella Mega Tour concert will visit Singapore. Many lovers of Green Day, Weezer, and Fall Out Boy music from Indonesia are also ready to visit. However, these hopes had to be dashed because the Hella Mega Tour canceled all of its regional schedules outside the United States and Europe.

In addition to releasing Green Day Pollyanna, in 2021, Green Day also released a video clip to invite everyone to feel the benefits of exercising. At the end of last February, Green Day introduced a new song entitled Here Comes The Shock to become a sports anthem at home for music lovers during the Covid-19 pandemic. A sports event broadcast on US television, precisely during the National Hockey League break, became a medium for the punk rock band to introduce their latest work.

During the event, Green Day Pollyanna introduced the music video for their new song. The visual concept presented by Green Day is quite simple. This legendary punk rock band presents a punk aerobics tutorial as the main visual of the video clip Here Comes The Shock. This punk aerobics sport was not deliberately created by Green Day.

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This punk aerobic sport was first introduced by Hilken Mancini who adopted the movements performed at punk music concerts, such as pogo, circle running, and skank. In this video clip produced by Green Day, the veteran punk rock band also collaborated with Hilken Mancini in completing the desired visual concept as well as making the Here Comes The Shock video clip as a good exercise guide.

The process of composing and recording songs for Here Comes The Shock was done separately by Green Day. This is done in order to carry out quarantine protocols due to the Coronavirus pandemic which is still spreading today. Billie Joe Armstrong as the frontman in the Green Day Pollyanna body stated that he felt quite productive in making new songs even though he had to limit his movement as a musician. Here Comes The Shock is the latest song released by Green Day after in early 2020 they released the album Father of All Motherfuckers whose promotion had to be delayed due to the pandemic. Green Day Pollyanna video:

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