Gary Rossington Guitar Story : 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

gary rossingtons guitar
Gary rossington’s les paul standard guitar


The Story :

This 1959 Gary Rosington Les Paul Standard guitar hase been playing with his primary guitar since the day he bought it in 1971. He names it “Bernice.” He’s played it nearly every Lynyrd Skynyrd concert and on nearly every album since their 1973 debut, pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd. To this day, Rossington finds it nearly impossible to perform without his “baby.”

“One day when we were recording Street Survivors in Miami,” Rossington remembers, “I got lazy and left the guitar on a stand for the night. The next morning, i strapped it on, went to play, and the whole headstock just fell right off.” Presumably, someone cleaning the studio the night before had knocked the guitar over, fracturing the headstock. “I started cryin’ like a baby,” Rossington says.

Gary Rossington’s on stage

We canceled the day’s session and i took off walking. I got about a mile down the road when two friends came by and picked me up. So i went back, and the studio’s maintenance man said, i got some glue that can fix that guitar.’ And i was like, ‘Glue? Man, this is a precision instrument, and it’s ruined. You can have it’. I gave it to him, and when i came back the next morning, he handed me my les paul fixed perfectly.”

I’ve played maybe over 100 Gibson Les Pauls in my life, from the years 50s until 60s. As an examples to Custom Shop guitars of today. In my opinion, the Gary Rossington best guitar is the Gibson that produced                                                                                       since 1959 (He feels comfortable with heavier guitars with huge necks).


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