Foals Releases New Album “Wake Me Up”

Foals – After many plans had to be rearranged due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and the departure of Edwin Congreave last September, Foals tried to stay strong and keep their passion for music. Luckily, this can be done well thanks to the official release of their latest single Wake Me Up in early November. The return of Foals with a new single is also packed with specials. The British band exclusively released Wake Me Up through a show on BBC Radio 1, Hottest Record hosted by Clara Amfo.

Not only the release that was packaged exclusively but Foals is also known to have prepared for their comeback with the single Wake Me Up with a quite interesting concept. Since the end of last October, Foals uploaded an enigmatic teaser trailer through their social media accounts. In the video upload, Foals shows the date November 4, 2021, and the time notice that points to 18:09. The video also turned out to be a marker for the introduction of Foals for the single Wake Me Up.

Wake Me Up is the first album released by Foals after they last released the album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost: Part One and Part Two in 2019. In addition, this is also the first work for Foals after Edwin Congreave decided to leave the British indie rock band. However, after his departure from Foals, the former keyboard player stated that Foals’ new material was brilliant material as well as alluding to the plans for a new album that Foals was working on.

Foals from UK

The vocalist and frontman of Foals, Yannis Philippakis welcomed the statement openly. The musician explained that he could very well imagine that the album that is being prepared by Foals will bring interesting things in the future. According to the vocalist, this interesting thing would be a pretty satisfying fee. The reason is, for the past year all members of Foals had to be content to go through the process of writing and recording songs separately. This is not an easy thing to do.

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Even though they have to be willing to work remotely, Foals believes that their latest album will be a more optimistic album than the two previous albums released by them in 2019. However, in the release of the single Wake Me Up, Foals admitted that the process of recording and perfecting the album is still in progress. So they have not been able to open the title or release schedule to the public.

Although it still seems to hide important parts of the seventh album later, Foals have started to inform that they will be holding an extended tour from April to July 2022. The following is a complete schedule of the tour that will be undertaken by the Foals in 2022.

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