Fender Releases Fender Stratocaster Special Edition for H.E.R.

Fender Stratocaster Special Edition – Andy Mooney as CEO of guitar company Fender in 2019 yesterday said that now they are carrying out plans to release several guitar models with a line of female musicians. One that has been realized is the collaboration between Fender and H.E.R.

The musician whose real name is Gabriella Wilson has just signed a contract with Fender to release a Stratocaster guitar model that he designed himself.

Named the Chrome Glow, the H.E.R edition of the Stratocaster guitar has an oval C-shaped neck that makes the player’s hand even more comfortable, and is equipped with a vintage edition anti-drum pickup that guarantees a clean guitar sound to be heard more clearly.

Fender Stratocaster Special Edition for H.E.R.

H.E.R gains history through this collaboration. She became the first black female musician to be exclusively contracted by Fender after 74 years of the company’s existence.

“My father taught me to play guitar for the first time using a black and white Stratocaster, of course, this opportunity is very valuable for me to be able to work with Fender with my own design.

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By designing a Stratocaster with colors, shapes, and sounds that truly reflect my personality, I hope that more women and other musicians, from all walks of life, can share their thoughts with this guitar and create great music, ” he said.

At the Emmy Awards stage some time ago, H.E.R has performed using the Fender Stratocaster Special Edition for the first time. Fender is also currently being reported as working on a special guitar that H.E.R plans to use at the upcoming Pepsi Big Game 2020.