Fall Out Boy American Beauty/American Psycho Album Review

Fall out boy american beauty american psycho album cover

Had a questioned about the continuation of their careers as a result of the issue of the break up, it makes the band that stood since 2001 is looking ever more excitement to continue their band’s career. Moreover in the middle of the issue, they succeeded in proving that they are a band full of togetherness.

this six’th Fall Out Boy studio album enhances the strength of this band. Still stick with the old character, but they are more willing to develop his music. Even those many featuring easy listening rock, so it is not surprising that this album was greeted superbly by the listeners.

The song “American beauty / American psycho” directly heats this album. Comes with a touch of thick sound, distorting beat until thick and dynamic arrangements. Even so, this up beat songs that are easily digested by the listener.

The album opens with the song “irrestible” that stomping hardly. This song widen the arrangements infused with a many variety of sound. Starting from the sound of trumpet until the sound of acoustic piano. The most interesting songs from the album was “Uma Thurman” in the capture of sexy hollywood actress. This song comes with a dynamic and innovative arrangements. Taking the old school rock sound, with various characters sound as an addition to the nuances.

Suggestion: Turn this album before activity. Able to provide maximum mood booster.

Tracklist :

1.)   Irresistible
2.)   American Beauty/American Psycho
3.)   Centuries
4.)   The Kids Aren’t Alright
5.)   Uma Thurman
6.)   Jet Pack Blues
7.)   Novocaine
8.)   Fourth of July
9.)   Favorite Record
10.)  Immortals
11.)  Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel In NYC)