Christina Grimmie’s Death Makes His Fans Sad and Angry

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The death of singer Christina Grimmie on Friday (10/06/2016) then, netizens and fans in shock. Because the 3 champion competition The Voice America Season 6 was dying after being shot by unidentified men who ultimately committed suicide.

Since Christina Grimmie official reportedly died on Saturday (06/11/2016), the various condolences directly flow in social media. The Twitter account of The Voice told him, “There are no words. We have lost a beautiful soul with an amazing voice. Our hearts go out with friends, fans, and family @TheRealGrimmie.”

Fans and some musicians also participate convey sadness to anger on social media after knowing that Grimmie gone.The tag #RIPChristina became trending topic.

Band Before You Exit newly gig for the last time together with Christina Grimmie, to vent his grief. Through Twitter account @beforeyouexit, they told him, “Today we lost an angel, a sister, and a dear friend. #RipChristina.” They also upload an image contains writings about Christina during life.

It is unknown who the perpetrators of the shooting and whether he knew the late Grimmie. However, as noted by USA Today, Saturday (06/11/2016), officers from Orlando, Wanda Miglio, said the perpetrators brought two pistols when the incident took place.

At a news conference, calling Mark Miglio, Grimmie brother as a hero for stopping the offender to go further while preventing harm to others.

Christina Grimmie started his career at adolescence as a YouTuber. He often put his videos top musicians singing songs in his room. He had released an album titled With Love in 2013 under the banner of Creative Artists Agency. Only a year later the competition The Voice followed up his name getting bounced


Fans also remember Christina Grimmie not only as a singer. This beautiful woman was also overwhelmed by the positive feelings. It can be seen in several Twitter posts. One of these posts in 2013 and is thick with religious environtment.

“Sometimes God allows bad things happen in life and you do not know why. But that does not mean you should stop trusting Him,” quotes Christina Grimmie at the time.

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