Christina Grimmie Never Concerned With Security Problems

Christina grimmie 3

The shooting of Christina Grimmie to death, leaving questions about the security of the singer. A Christina friend admitted that she was never thought of it.

As presented by, Sunday (06/12/2016), his friend named Ashly Nicole did not even know if this time Christina has a stalker.

“Christina had never talked about security issues at all. It seems there is nothing that can be warning signs at all,” he told to E! News exclusively.

According to the Orlando Police Chief John Mina, at the concert site there are checking bags and purses for the visitors. Unfortunately, there is no use of metal detectors and security guards do not include weapons.

The shooting of Christina Grimmie occurred after the singer signing autographs after the concert. Unfortunately, in the middle of the show, Christina Grimmie shot by a man identified as Kevin James Loibl.

Christina Grimmie hit by gunfire directed at him 22:45 local time, proclaimed the BBC, Sunday (06/12/2016). An eyewitness, Destiny Rivera, revealed the whole incident to the People, the perpetrator said that there is a little strange behavior while he is in Christina Grimmie concert.

Kevin James Loibl

Kevin James Loibl (Christina Grimmie Killer)