Best Wood for Electric Guitar Body

Basswood for Electric Guitar

Best Wood for Electric Guitar – Surely many of you already know about the types of wood that are widely used to make a guitar, or maybe even further, already know the tone character of these types of wood in the process of making a guitar. Starting from the process of selecting the felled tree, …

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Wich Bass Amp Should I Buy for Metal Music?

Wich Bass Amp Should I Buy for metal

Wich Bass Amp Should I Buy – In my personal view, the role of a bassist and his instruments in metal music is like the cement that holds all the bricks together in a building. It might be a little weird to analogize architecture to music, but that’s how I feel. Without a strong “glue”, a …

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Tom Morello Guitar Effects, Let’s See…

Tom Morello Guitar Effects

Tom Morello Guitar Effects – One of the legacies of the founder of Rage Against The Machine is when on stage Tom looks like someone who already has the title “bulletproof.” It’s a bit silly to say that parable, but I’m sure when Tom meets for a jam session with a virtuoso guitarist like Steve …

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Digitech Whammy Ricochet, The Minimalist Alternative to Whammy Pedal

Digitech Whammy Ricochet

Digitech Whammy Ricochet – As mini pedals have trended, DigiTech has finally gifted us with the smallest whammy pedal ever. When this thing was first released it did raise a few questions, such as “Would this effect still be called a whammy if it didn’t have a pedal?” or “Do we (the market) need another …

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Audio Recording, How Important to Musicians

Audio Recording for Musicians

Audio Recording – In today’s era, understanding the basics of audio recording will really help a musician in making works or even developing his career. because by understanding basic audio recording, a musician will get several benefits such as: 1. Keeping up With Technology A little look back at the past few years, when making …

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BOSS SY-300 Review – Change the Taste of the Guitar into a Synthesizer

BOSS SY-300 Review

BOSS SY-300 – Before writing any further, I have one question for guitarists: Have we ever imagined playing Rush, “Subdivision” or “Tom Sawyer” songs where we play guitars in every part of the synthesizer? If only it could be played from a guitar it would be something interesting right? For now, we can play it …

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Basic Step Using Guitar Amplifier

basic step using Guitar Amplifier

Guitar Amplifier – For those of you who are already in a band or who are just starting out in a band, you must be familiar with the situation in the practice studio, where we will play our chosen instrument (especially guitar) using an amplifier. For some people, using an amplifier may not be a …

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Volume and Gain Knobs, What is Different?

Volume and Gain

Volume and Gain – For guitarists, the terms gain and volume are not foreign terms. Because almost every amplifier there is always a ‘gain’ and ‘volume’ knob. But even though we often use the knob, it turns out that there are still some who don’t really understand the term and the difference between the two. …

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Best Electric Guitar Strings – Tips and Tricks

Dunlop – Heavy Core

Best Electric Guitar Strings – Before we talk about what strings are the best to use, we should ask ourselves a few things like the style of music we play, the character of the sound we want, and of course the tuning we use. For now, let’s focus on the special rock or metal style …

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Robotic Guitar Tuner, Make Easy for Tuning the Guitar

Robotic Guitar Tuner

Robotic Guitar Tuner is definitely a term that is still foreign to fellow musicians, maybe even to guitarists. The technology, which was first introduced in 2007, immediately invited a lot of comments from the industry. Since then the technology has continued to be improved and developed which eventually led us to the Tronical Tune product. …

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