Dark Matter Pedal, The Distortion Effect Review

Dark Matter Pedal, The Distortion Guitar Effect

Dark Matter Pedal Distortion effect from TC Electronic not only because of its specialist product demos on youtube, but if you look at the price of around 800 thousand it seems very worth the quality. In this review, I will talk about what I like and don’t like about this pedal, at least to consider …

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Gibson Studio Monitors Review

Review of Gibson Studio Monitors

Gibson Studio Monitors – If previously Marshall amplifiers issued a series of headphones and earphones, this time the surprise came from the well-known guitar manufacturer Gibson who released the Gibson Les Paul Reference Monitors studio monitor. At first glance, we can immediately judge the display of this monitor which is in typical Gibson Les Paul …

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Gibson L5S Ronnie Wood Signature Review

Review of Gibson L5S Ronnie Wood Signature

Gibson L5S is a guitar that was released in 1972 and is an alternative to the L5 hollow body guitar (S stands for solid (body)). The model, which was discontinued in the mid-80s, was reborn this year as a result of a collaboration with The Rolling Stones guitarist Ron (Ronnie) Wood. And only 300 were …

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LR Baggs M1A Active Soundhole Magnetic Pickup Review

Features of LR Baggs M1A Pickup

LR Baggs M1A – One of the problems with using an acoustic guitar on stage is being able to amplify the sound of the guitar well including the tone and wood sound. An acoustic pickup that does that well is the LR Baggs M1a. The active pickup equipped with this preamp is capable of capturing and …

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Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar Review

jamstik studio midi guitar

Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar – Jamstik is a guitar-shaped controller that integrates with iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and Mac computers. In other words, the Jamstik is a midi guitar. The size of a ukulele Jamstik is equipped with realistic strings that do not need to be tuned, as well as a rechargeable battery. Jamstik …

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Dee Dee Ramone Bass Fender Review

Dee Dee Ramone Signature Bass

Dee Dee Ramone Bass – Fender issued a sentimental signature series with the release of this Fender Dee Dee Ramone Precision Bass. Sentimental, of course, because Dee Dee Ramone, the bassist of the legendary punk band The Ramones whose ideology of ‘rebellion’ is known for its simple “three-step chord” music that stomps loudly with the …

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Valeton GP 200 Guitar Effect Review

Review of Valeton GP 200 Guitar Effect

Valeton GP 200 – The impression that can be captured from this amp modeler, which is quite commensurate with the price, is that this digital effect has many effects and presets. Quality sound, good control, simple, organized, not confusing, quality foot switch, layer display, and easy on the eyes module. Maybe there are many more …

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Positive Grid Spark Amp Review

Review of Positive Grid Spark Amp ELectric Guitar

Positive Grid Spark Amp – Technological advances that are comparable to the emergence of gadgets give rise to a new culture. Now, digital effects have become an inseparable part of the world of music. But sometimes, some guitarists are willing to shell out more for a single analog effects pedal compared to a multi-effects processor …

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