Mooer The Wahter Guitar Pedal Review

Mooer The Wahter - Wah guitar pedal

Mooer The Wahter – Wah pedals are often a problem because their size takes up a lot of space on the pedalboard. So it’s no wonder that effect pedal manufacturers today are competing to offer Wah pedals that focus on pedalboard efficiency. We can see how the manufacturer Dunlop once released the Wah Cry Baby …

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Orange Micro Terror Amp Review

Orange Micro Terror Guitar Amplifier

Orange Micro Terror – If at this time you need an amp with a small size but capable of producing a sound that is bigger than its size, the Micro Terror Orange guitar amplifier head is the answer. This head can be considered very small but can still be calculated. The Micro Terror is a …

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Laney Black Country Custom Monolith Distortion Pedals Review

Laney Black Country Custom Monolith Distortion Pedals

Laney Black Country Customs – As an experienced manufacturer and with ties to The Father of Heavy Metal Guitarist, Anthony Frank Iommi, Laney Amplification released the Monolith Distortion Pedal. This Monolith Distortion Pedal dates back to the development of Laney Amplification in 1967. If you’re looking for guitar effects, then Monolith might be the right …

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Flamma Fm10 Mixing Console, The Mixer Of Streamers And Podcasters

Flamma Fm10 Mixing Console - mixer

Flamma Fm10 – In the last decade the term ‘streaming’ has become very familiar. At the same time, internet users can use it to facilitate interaction with other users around the world. Podcasters and musicians are no exception, who have recently taken advantage of video streaming for interaction or even sharing music information or lessons …

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Kora African Instrument Music From West Africa

Play African musical instrument Kora

Kora African Instrument – There are numerous musical instrument that speaks of a rich history associated with its country and people. We at Strings Museum would like to take you through a memorable trip to discoverand learn not only about the fantastic instruments but also the culture and heritage girding them. Kora African Instrument known …

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Zoom G6 Multi Effects Review

Zoom G6 Multi Effects pedal

Zoom G6 – This senior effects pedal manufacturer claims that its newest product has new distortion and modulation effects that he has never heard of before. This claim is sure to make guitarists curious. It’s no secret that the development of multi-effect technology today is extraordinary. The features offered include a combination of classic amps …

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Ampero Hotone MP-100 Review

Ampero Hotone MP-100 review

Ampero Hotone MP-100 – Previously there was Nux which was considered quite successful in placing its brand among Indonesian guitarists. This time, another Chinese guitar equipment manufacturer named Hotone appeared. Reporting from Anderton’s official website and official website, Hotone strives to use the latest technology in presenting products that stand out in the market but …

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Laney Ministack, Small Amplifier with Big Sound Quality

laney ironheart mini stack

Laney Ministack is practical and easy to carry everywhere and seems very suitable for guitarists with high mobility. Apart from not eating up a lot of space, we also don’t have to bother taking tours or musical activities outside the home. So, You may also already know that several big brands offer a lot of …

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