Kora African Instrument Music From West Africa

Play African musical instrument Kora

Kora African Instrument – There are numerous musical instrument that speaks of a rich history associated with its country and people. We at Strings Museum would like to take you through a memorable trip to discoverand learn not only about the fantastic instruments but also the culture and heritage girding them. Kora African Instrument known …

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The Types of Music and Music Functions

Rock is one of Types of Music

The Types of Music – After the previous article we discussed what music is about, in the following we will discuss the types of music and the functions of music. Here are the Types of Music 1. Pop “Popular” Pop is a form of modern music from rock & roll, where Pop was formed in …

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How to Fix a Guitar String Due to a Flood

How to Fix a Guitar String - Remove from soft or hard case first

How to Fix a Guitar String – Electronic guitars have electronic components that require special treatment when submerged in water. Please note that water is a good conductor of electricity, so when connected to electronic components it can cause a short circuit. If this happens, then your losses will increase, especially if your guitar and …

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