Atom Presonus Review, Help You as Electronic Song Writer

Atom Presonus Pad Controller

Atom Presonus is one of the newest Presonus products which is very good for music production or live performance. A total of 16 highly sensitive Velocity and Pads, 21 buttons, and four knobs in a solid 8×8-inch box. Atom Presonus’s price is not too expensive because it was released at a price of 149 USD. …

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Universal Audio Apollo Twin, Audio Interface Review

Universal Audio Apollo Twin

Universal Audio Apollo Twin – For audiophiles, the name Universal Audio is one that doesn’t need to be introduced. This company, which has been in the recording industry since the late 50s, has long been present among sound engineers with a good track record. Not only in the world of analog recording, but Universal Audio has …

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Wich Bass Amp Should I Buy for Metal Music?

Wich Bass Amp Should I Buy for metal

Wich Bass Amp Should I Buy – In my personal view, the role of a bassist and his instruments in metal music is like the cement that holds all the bricks together in a building. It might be a little weird to analogize architecture to music, but that’s how I feel. Without a strong “glue”, a …

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BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal Review

BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal – Since its appearance in 1978, the BOSS DS-1 effect has often been present in the pedal board series of guitar legends, from Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani to Kurt Cobain. After more than 30 years on the market and still sticking with its shape and performance, many say that the …

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Ocean Machine Pedal Stompbox Review

Ocean Machine Pedal Stompbox

Ocean Machine – For more than 25 years, Devin Townsend has graced the world of progressive rock/metal music. Not only famous as a guitarist, but his singing skills also made virtuoso Steve Vai hook Devin Townsend to fill the entire vocals of his fifth album Sex and Religion (1993). From my point of view, after …

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History of the Delay Effect in Music

History of the Delay Effect

History of the Delay Effect – Who doesn’t know the song Underworld – Born Slippy? The song is legendary because it is one of the soundtracks for the phenomenal film, Trainspotting, it has electronic drums that sound very majestic and a synthesizer sound wrapped with many delay effects, resulting in a rave feel that was …

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Ableton Live 10 For Hip-Hop Music Sampling

Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 10 – In the production of hip-hop music, the sampling technique is essential. This technique, which first appeared in the late 70s, also provided the foundation for the birth of the rap music genre. In short, sampling is a technique of taking sound samples from whole songs, for later reuse and processing into …

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Fanned Fret or Multiscale Fret Guitar Reviews

Fanned Fret guitar

Fanned Fret  – Have you ever seen a guitar with a tilted fret shape? If you ever ask someone about the slanted fret, someone will answer it as fanned fret, or a multiscale fret. The next question is definitely: what is multi-scale or fanned fret? Multiscale or fanned fret guitar is a concept where each …

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Irig Blueboard from IK Multimedia Review

Irig Blueboard IK Multimedia

Irig Blueboard – Thanks to the emergence of digital plugins for recording purposes such as Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Kuassa Amplification, JST, etc. has made it easier for us, especially guitarists to work. Because of these plugins, it is easier for us to record our ideas without having to go to a professional studio first. Not …

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Flamma FX100 Multi Effect Review

Flamma FX100 Multi Effect

Flamma FX100 – Technological advances that are comparable to the emergence of gadgets give rise to a new culture. Now, digital effects have become an inseparable part of the world of music. But sometimes, some guitarists are willing to shell out more for a single analog effects pedal as opposed to a multi-effects processor which …

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