Start first, Calvin Harris Made a Song About Taylor Swift

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Typically, Taylor Swift always wrote songs about his relationships with former girlfriends, but this time Calvin Harris did not want to lose.


Typically, Taylor Swift is a singer who always wrote songs about his relationships with former girlfriends. But this time Calvin Harris did not want to lose. This Scottish DJ is reportedly preparing a song about breaking up the story of Taylor Swift. Calvin Harris steal the start? It looks that way.

Who is more excited, it looks like Calvin Harris did not want half-hearted prepare this broken heart songs. Because the man whose real name Adam Wiles will be assisted by a sworn enemy of Taylor, Kanye West.

Reported by the Mirror, reported on Monday (6/20/2016), Calvin Harris is working hard in the studio to set up a fifth album. Calvin thought to invite Kanye West to cooperate after considering the “mode” that is often taken by his ex whenever She breaks up.

“Kanye is ready to do something with Calvin and Rihanna. And now Calvin is no longer with Taylor, so anything is possible,” a source told to The Sun on Sunday (19/06/2016).

The report also added that Taylor Swift impromptu affair with British actor Tom Hiddleston was the one that triggered the change in recording direction of this new Calbin Harris album.

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Although Kanye and Taylor once get along. Now they are back at odds


“Calvin felt that speaking in publicly is not a good way, but to express his feelings through music is the right choice,” added the source. “He is now working on a new musical that focuses on heartbreak, lies, and love lost.”

The report came after Calvin openly challenged Taylor last week, which appeared wearing Kanye West shoes in the middle of the “war” between her ex husband was with Kim Kardashian on the song “Famous.”

To be sure, this couple celebrity is unlikely to come back together to remember the reaction Calvin Harris when asked about the possibility. “Ha ha,” he laughed sarcastically.