Bruno Mars Working With Skrillex in a New Collaboration Project

Bruno Mars

US singer Bruno Mars is ready for back to work on a new project. He is rumored to hook skrillex to be working on a single target would be hits.Skrillex even admitted that he had started working with Bruno Mars. They both are in a shared studio reportedly ready to release the work that has never existed before.

“I’m actually working with Bruno Mars. I will not divulge how her music, but clearly our songs will sound different. There’s nothing like this before,” says Skrillex to Billboard.

“Every time I collaborate with others I am always learning new things. And I am very happy to do so,” added the DJ.

skrillex 2Bruno Mars reportedly is busy, working on her new album planned for release later this year. So it’s possible collaboration with Skrilex song also will be included on the new album.


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