Bondi Effects, Famous Overdrive Pedal From Australia and Made by Jon Ashley

Bondi Effects – From hobby to money, that’s what Jon Ashley did. His passion for assembling electronic goods and guitar effects pedals has led him to be able to establish his own brand of pedals.

However, Jon Ashley’s desire to set up his own company is not just a hobby. This was driven by his desire to improve his standard of living through greater income. Simply put, the effects pedal is also a way for Jon Ashley out of poverty.

“The reason is mostly because of poverty. I was poor when I was in high school, my parents were missionaries so I didn’t have much money to buy the equipment I wanted,” he told Worship Gtr.

With a background in wanting to improve the economy and a passion for pedaling, Jon Ashley eventually founded his own pedal company, Bondi Effects, in May 2013. Along the way, Bondi Effects is recognized as producing one of the best Overdrive pedals in the world.

Two of the famous effects pedals made by Bondi Effect are Bondi Effects Sick As Overdrive and Bondi Effects Del Mar Overdrives.

Bondi Effects Sick As Overdrive

“I started Bondi Effects in May 2013. I’ve been building pedals for myself and friends for a while and always dreamed of turning it into a business, but I didn’t want to release anything until I could make it myself,” explains Jon Ashley.

“I designed Sick As on my computer while on vacation in Nebraska, never really thinking anything would happen. When I got home I built it and gave it to Gearmanndude who happens to work pretty close to where I live. He loved it and made demos,” he continued.

Bondi Effects Del Mar Overdrives

When he first designed the pedal, Jon Ashley was only 18 years old. He started Bondi Effect in the United States and didn’t have high expectations, initially, on this venture. However, when he moved to Australia, Bondi Effect became more developed and can continue to operate today.

Bondi Effect itself is taken from the name of the city and the word from Aboriginal which is a native Australian tribe that means ‘water that breaks rocks’. As it means, the Bondi Effect is now increasingly global.

“My parents were missionaries when I was growing up, so I spent most of my childhood in Sydney before moving back to the US when I was in high school. Shortly after moving back, my mother was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder,” says Jon. Ashley reported by Reverb.

“My life there was quite chaotic, and I always wanted to go back “home”—as Australia has always felt for me. It felt very unattainable for a long time, but a few years after starting the business, we were able to move in October 2015,” he said.

The hard life that hit Jon Ashley while growing up made him a person who never gave up and had many creative ideas. However, he admits that all the success that the Bondi Effect has today would not have existed without the help of others.

“I wasn’t really that keen on getting into the business world, but it just so happened that Gearmanndude–a YouTuber who often makes demo pedal videos–works at a local guitar shop near me. I then gave him a Sick As pedal to ask his opinion. He came back two weeks later. with a demo video and asked for my website, which I don’t have. I immediately put together what I could, and we immediately started selling pedals.”

Currently, there are 5 types of overdrive effect pedals provided by Bondi Effect, namely Sick As Breakers Overdrive, Art Van Delay, 2026 Compressor, and Del Mar Overdrive.

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Now Jon Ashley is not working alone in managing his pedal business. He is assisted by his wife, Anna Ashley, who takes care of photography, social media, and customer relations.

“Bondi Effects is Anna and myself. I do the engineering part—I want to make this sound cooler, but at its core, a lot of turning fantastic ideas into practical reality through thousands of hours of research on the computer. Anna does all the photography, media social, and our customer engagement. We share production duties as well, with all pedals assembled, tested, and packaged ourselves,” concluded Jon Ashley.

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