Ampeg BA112 50W Single 12 Bass Combo Review

ampeg bass combo 2


Known and popular among bass players, Ampeg place itself as one of the leading bass amps that should be selected. Although the brand is not too much to produce the type, but this brand has a product that is sold in the market.

For example bass combo amps 50W type BA112 is a fitting used for rehearsal studio to live. Especially easy to be placed or used mobile. Combo bass amp comes with specs include a single speaker power 50w at 12 “, simple 3-band tone controls, plus a” style selector “with five basic tone controls, including master control, line out balance 1/4” TRS headphone jacks, and RCA inputs for connection to a CD or tape player, the dimensions of 17-1 / 4 “W x 18” H x 13 “D.


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