Adele Reveal Resentment Onstage Because of Her Sound is In Doubt


Most people seem to have agreed that Adele vocal quality is very good. Evidently, he has brought home ten Grammy Awards. However, there are still those who doubt the ability and talent of a singer born in 1988.

Most recently, Tony Visconti, producer of the music of legendary singer David Bowie said in The Daily Star that the quality of the vocal singer of the song “Hello” was not as perfect as many people think. He considered that possibly in a recording sound, Adele manipulated her voice to make a perfect sound.

“You turn on the radio and all of the voice sounded very smooth, then you were listening to a voice which 90% have been computerized,” said Visconti. He mentioned that Adele is the example of the case. “We know that Adele has an amazing voice but it can be argued, is that Adele manipulated voice or how much that voice being manipulated. We do not know,” said Visconti.

Although the examples stated Visconti describes the music industry in general, seem to be less appropriate if winning a Grammy and Academy Award was being an example. Visconti statement is then taken up by the singer on stage the concert on Thursday (09/06/2016) ago.

” Someone says that the voice was not my own voice in my record,” said the 28-year-old singer on thousands of concert goers. Continuing the statement, Adele also issued a satire with a harsh words.