8 Musician Who Died Tragically



Musician who died tragically

Musician who died tragically


We can not guess the age of the person. Age has always bee

n the secret of God. So also with the age of the talented people that fill the lives of others with their work.

As with some of these musicians. Being a famous musician might be the dream of many people because by becoming a famous musician could live to wander, surrounded by beautiful women and live a happy life until old age but in fact, some of the musicians of the world below must die tragically before they enjoy their old age.

The names have even been able to be called as one of the legends of international music. Although the need to go faster, the works of the musicians is still enduring today. Who are they? Let us consider the following review!

1.Jimi Hendrix
Death god guitar, Jimi Hendrix, until now it is still a mystery. Although doctors say that the King of guitarist died from choking but many speculated that his death was due to be killed. Now after passing almost 40 years, one roadie Hendrix Hendrix says that managers who killed guitarist. Date 18 September 1970 Jimi Hendrix was found dead in a room at a hotel in London.

2.Kurt Cobain
Maybe some of us are familiar with Kurt Cobain. He is a renowned vocalist, Nirvana, who had dropped the glam metal scene with a genre he has established, grunge. His death came at the peak of popularity in the world of music. Kurt Cobain death was reported by the American media as a ‘suicide’ (suicide). However, a year after his death was raised gossip wind when Kurt killed. Until now it has not been revealed with certainty. Although dead his fame has not faded to this day, especially among musicians grunge world.

3.John Lennon
Famous musicians who became the frontman of the musical group The Beatles were shot dead by their own fans. John shot by a fanatical fan named Mark David Chapman on December 8, 1980 in New York. Chapman shot John because John had been outraged religion. At the beginning, when Joh Lennon once caused controversy by calling himself and The Beatles more fame than Jesus.

4.Elvis Presley
Elvis was found dead at his home in Graceland in Memphis on August 16th, 1977. His girlfriend, actress Ginger Alden found the king of Rock & Roll in the bathroom upstairs room. The absence of Elvis is still unknown because the issue says something different. Even supposedly autopsy hidden by stepmother Elvis. However, the big news is known to all corners of the world that Elvis died due to an overdose.

5.Tupac Shakur
Just as experienced by John Lennon, Tupac Shakur also must be willing to lose their lives because of a shooting incident while he was driving. The incident occurred in 1996 in Las Vegas. Tupac Shakur is still being treated in hospital for some time since the incident. Unfortunately, six days after he was shot, the rapper of the song “Hit Em Up” was finally died.

6.Marvin Gaye
Marvin Gaye was a black singer of R & B soul and his name was brought up by the record company Motown Records. He was killed by the hands of his own father, Marvin Gaye Sr., by a bullet that came from the barrel of a gun. A 38-caliber pistol, which fired repeatedly by his father. Shortly before the shooting, they were involved in an altercation mouth.

7.Freddy Mercury
Mercury was born on September 5, 1946, in Stone Town, Zanzibar (now including the area of Tanzania, East Africa). His real name was “Farrokh Bulsara”. His friends called him “Freddie”. Finally, his family called him Freddie, too. He was born of a family of Indian Parsi (Zoroastrian). Increasingly, he was thinner and sick, but still no one who knows. The day before he died, he announced that HIV / AIDS. On 24 Nov 1991 Freddie Mercury breathed his last and was cremated.

8.John Henry Bonham
John Henry Bonham is a British musician who played drums in a band called “Led Zeppelin”, commonly known as Bonzo, was born on May 31, 1948 and died on September 25, 1980. Since the age of 5 years, Bonham has been on the drums, and grow to be the best drummer. This award recognized by the Rolling Stones. But apparently, Bonham has a dark life that can not escape to alcohol coupled with insufficient paced lifestyle. The number of property obtained Bonham adding a portion of the drink. Until finally Bonham was killed by his own drink. Bonham corpse was found by the manager himself. The autopsy said that Bonham too much to drink or overdose.