5 Tips How Learn to Play Guitar for Beginners

Learn to play guitar for beginners – You could say the guitar is an instrument that is quite popular to play for those of you who like music. The popularity has also aroused the feelings of many people to learn guitar. Because playing music using the guitar is one of the fun activities to do with friends. Many of you have started learning guitar since childhood, but even for those who want to learn guitar now, you don’t need to feel inferior. It’s never too late to learn guitar.

It is undeniable that playing the guitar can increase a person’s sense of coolness. Therefore, many people want to learn guitar. However, for beginners who are really unfamiliar with the guitar, it will definitely be difficult to learn guitar on a self-taught and choose to learn guitar in a course. Keep in mind, learning guitar in a course will certainly provide a lot of important knowledge not only about how to play but also reading musical notes and recognizing more fundamental notes. Of the much knowledge gained from learning guitar in the course, of course, comes with a fairly large cost as well. Not infrequently this is a big consideration for people who want to learn guitar as a beginner.

learn to play guitar for beginners

Even so, that does not mean learning the guitar self-taught is a difficult thing to do. The rapid development of the internet and the digital world facilitates the process of learning guitar at home. You can also maximize the time you have at home during this pandemic by learning guitar quickly and precisely. You will also find it easier to choose learning materials to play guitar through Youtube or other online platforms according to the stages and needs. Even so, as someone who started learning guitar as a beginner, you can start with simple steps like the following.

Basic Key Recognize

The first step you need to know when learning guitar is to know the basic chord, Superfriends. Introduction to basic chords when learning guitar includes the position of the fingers touching the 6 strings on the guitar. The position of the finger will later create a harmonious tone that is spread along 7 notes, such as do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si. However, for guitar chords, people are usually more familiar with the sequences E, A, D, G, B, and E with a high octave at the bottom of the strings. Make sure your guitar doesn’t go awry. For this first step, you can help friends or close people who can already do guitar tuning so that the sound produced when learning guitar from tone recognition is easier.

Learn Tuning (learn to play guitar for beginners)

Adjusting or adjusting the strings is not an important step when learning guitar. The reason is, if you don’t understand this stage, it will be difficult to play the guitar with a precise and harmonious tone. Learning tuning will also make it easier for you to hone your hearing to determine the tone. So your ears will be more sensitive to discordant tones when playing guitar either alone or with friends when gathered.

Find a Comfortable Position

Next is to find a comfortable position when playing guitar. This may not sound like something that affects the guitar learning process, but finding a comfortable position will make it easier for you to adapt to the guitar you have. Both acoustic and electric guitars come in different sizes. Some are designed with various designs for their needs. But basically, you can make it comfortable by supporting the guitar using one of your legs with an upright posture. Posture will affect the reach of your fingers when trying to learn guitar by playing basic keys or chords. This process takes some getting used to, Superfriends. not infrequently you will feel sore. However, if done regularly and regularly, over time your body will adapt to this comfortable posture or playing guitar position.

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Learn to strum the guitar (learn to play guitar for beginners)

After finding a comfortable position while guessing the reach of your hands while learning the guitar, you can also start slowly strumming the guitar. It should be noted that learning to strum the guitar is different from strumming which is better known as upstroke and downstroke techniques. To learn guitar by strumming you need to use your 5 fingers. It would be nice not to use a pick first during the guitar learning process so that your body gets used to it. You also need to follow the following steps. First, in learning guitar by strumming, you need to place your thumb on the bass or thick strings, in the order of 6, 5, and 4. As for the index finger, you can use it to strum the 3rd and 2nd strings. Next, your ring finger uses it to strum one string. At first of course you will feel awkward or stiff in strumming the guitar. But if you do it regularly, you will get used to strumming the guitar quickly and precisely, Superfriends.

Keep practicing from easy to hard keys

Practicing learning the guitar can’t be done in a short time. It is important for you to continue to hone your skills and conduct regular reviews. This is necessary because in playing musical instruments, especially the guitar, you also need muscle memory. So that the body, especially on the fingers, is accustomed to forming complex key patterns. Your fingers may feel sore or sore. If so, it’s a good idea to take a short break while stretching your muscles. But don’t be discouraged.

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