5 Best Bass Players of All Time with Stunning Play

Best Bass Players of All Time – When it comes to becoming a musician, maybe becoming a singer, guitarist, and drummer is more often the choice of many people. In fact, in a band, the presence of a capable bassist is also important in order to present a strong harmony in every work made. Some legendary musicians such as Carol Kaye say that the bassist plays a fundamental role in shaping the rhythm of the song. The bassist plays a role in directing the drummers so that their playing remains in harmony.

Even though they have experienced less prestige compared to other musician professions, in the past few years there have been many bassists who also double as multi-instrumentalists and have proven that being a bass player is not boring. It’s the same as being a guitar player, in order to become a qualified and quality bassist, you also need to explore some techniques from easy to complex. Because it is considered as a musical instrument to form the foundation, every technique mastered by the bassist is needed in forming the sound color that is in harmony with what your mind wants, Superfriends.

For those who are curious about which bassist is able to become an iconic musician, here is the list.

Kim Gordon

Best Bass Players of All Time - Kim Gordon

The first Best Bass Players of All Time is Kim Gordon. Kim became one of the names of novice bassists who managed to change the music landscape widely. When she recently joined Sonic Youth, this iconic female bassist was indeed known to have no privileges to play a musical instrument, not even to be a bassist. However, this did not make the bassist and founder of Sonic Youth feel inferior. Even the opportunity to explore new things made the Sonic Youth bassist managed to find a style of playing music that was not only comfortable but also iconic and inspired other indie rock musicians at that time.

According to the bassist, he only put out a minimum of effort. Many people equate Sonic Youth’s bassist playing with the rumbling of a subway train. Status but has depth in forming a fierce feel. This is needed so that other Sonic Youth members can shine with music that tends to be wild.

Thundercat (Best Bass Players of All Time)

Thundercat - Best Bass Players of All Time

For those of you who like to listen to music from the R&B, soul, jazz, and hip hop genres, of course, you understand how important the role of the bass is in the song. In this modern era, Thundercat is considered a bassist who is able to present a captivating game with quite a variety of technical abilities. The ability of this versatile bassist has also received recognition from several well-known musicians who have worked together and are always satisfied with the results they created together. Thundercat had filled the position of bassist for music projects carried out by Kendrick Lamar, Janelle Monáe, Flying Lotus, Kamasi Washington, Erykah Badu, to Childish Gambino.

Peter Hook

Peter Hook - best bass player

The Next Best Bass Players of All Time is Peter Hook. In the realm of post-punk, who doesn’t know Peter Hook, the bassist who once filled a position in the legendary band Joy Division and also New Order, is known for his iconic playing style. Being in a band that carries static music, makes this iconic bassist have to present different music playing in order to bring harmony.

The bassist, who once filled the formation for Joy Division and New Order, is also known as one of the bassists who chooses to play chords in the high range of the scales rather than the low basic notes as bass playing in general. Peter Hook’s habit is based on the fact that when he was young he didn’t have a good amplifier, so the bassist couldn’t hear his playing in low notes. In fact, most of his collective works are in the two bands, this iconic bassist is even considered the lead instrumentalist who has succeeded in making music come alive.

Duff McKagan (Best Bass Players of All Time)

Famous Bass Players - Duff McKagan

Apart from Axl Rose and Slash, there is one figure who is often forgotten by music lovers about his contribution to the greatness of Guns N ‘Roses. The figure is Duff McKagan who is the bassist of a famous rock band from the United States. It should be understood that the role of the bassist is also quite large in shaping the distinctive musical characteristics of Guns N ‘Roses. Because, apart from Axl Rose and Slash, Duff McKagan also has an equal share in creative decisions when they worked on the album Appetite for Destruction and the Use Your Illusion which helped Guns N ‘Roses achieve international popularity.

It is known that before joining the band, Duff McKagan did not understand bass playing at all, because at a young age he decided to study music to become a guitarist and drummer. When deciding to study the role of bassist further, Duff McKagan blended many of the characteristics and techniques derived from punk and R&B.

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Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy Kilmister = Bassist

The Next Best Bass Players of All Time is Lemmy Kilmister. It seems that in the list of iconic bassists it would not be appropriate if it did not include the figure of Lemmy Kilmister. Although not the only frontman of the band who also plays the role of bassist. However, the musical performances that are performed always succeed in being an inspiration for young musicians who want to explore more complex rock music.

As a bassist, Lemmy Kilmister does not limit the potential of the instrument he holds. Even his music playing as a bassist is considered as one of the important elements in the formation of Motörhead’s musical characteristics which are not only fierce but also have a fast tempo. Lemmy Kilmister is also rated as an exploratory bassist. Many of the effect pedals that are usually found on guitars he uses in realizing all forms of his musical ideas.