10 Advantages of JOOX Music Streaming Apps

joox music streaming apps

JOOX music streaming apps

JOOX is a new music streaming apps with various kinds of features. In this article, we will give you some information about the advantages of this apps.  JOOX is come from the word “jukebox” that is founded by Tencent Holdings Ltd from Shenzen, Tiongkok. This company also the enterprise of instant messaging We Chat. JOOX provides the application in a mobile app (Android and IOS) and also in a websites.

Advantages of JOOX Music Streaming Apps List :

1. Complete Music Collection

Artist, genre, or your favorite song and find everything in JOOX. This application has a treasury of songs that is more complete than any other music application. JOOX features the Top Charts and New Release which allows you to keep up-to-date on the development of music throughout the world. With a collection of countless of these, you can also become a DJ by creating your own tracklist and share them with your friends.

2. FREE Radio

If you do not have an idea to start exploring, JOOX also feature FREE Radio where you can listen to the songs selection of professional editors in the field of music (Editor’s Pick) who can accompany you wait queues, exercise, and other activities ,

3. Unlimited Licensed Music

Loyal fans is fans who have always appreciated the works of his idol. JOOX provides unlimited access to enjoy the collection of licensed music (Licensed Music Unlimited) so that you can appreciate the works of your favorite artist in a legal way by using this music streaming apps.

4. Lyrics

Enjoy your favorite songs and sing along with the song lyrics provided by JOOX. Seriously, this is the best part of this music streaming app!

5. Theme Gallery

If you get bored with the look of the application, you can change it according to your taste. JOOX provides a variety of themes that you can easy to adjust.

6. Social Circle

Let people know what you’re listening to! JOOX allows you to instantly share your music listening experience to everyone via Facebook and WeChat.

7. Offline Play

If you are not always connected to the Internet, you can download your favorite songs to be played when you’re not connected to the internet. Other than that, if you are limited about the capacity of data storage, you can store it on the SD Card.

8. Music Player

JOOX can also act as a music player. In addition to storing music on the SD Card, you can also import songs that exist in storage for playback on this music streaming apps.

9. Timer

Often fall asleep while listening to songs? You can set the timer feature that allows JOOX to stop playing the song at a time when you have set.

10. Quality Streaming Settings

Do not have to worry anymore about how much the amount of data packets will you spend using JOOX. You can find the settings in the general settings to determine how big the Internet data that will be used to listen to each song, as well as the quality of the songs you want to download.

Discover the other advantages of JOOX music streaming apps and start exploring music worldwide. JOOX available for FREE on Google Store or the Apple App Store. For more information please visit official JOOX website