What is the Best Audio Interface

What is the Best Audio Interface – After we have a computer with the speed and power that suits the needs of the audio work, then you need the appropriate devices to connect the instrument to the computer and then the speakers. Most audio interfaces today connect with your computer either via a FireWire connection or a USB connection.

Before buying an audio interface, the first step is to make sure what connection your computer supports. However, this article will also explain the types of connections that are recorded in the audio interface journey. In short, the audio interface is available with three types of connection methods: PCI, FireWire, and USB. The details are as below:

PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect)

Audio Interface PCI - What is the Best Audio Interface

PCI is usually plugged into a single PCI slot located inside the CPU. PCI is a fairly old-school technology in the course of audio interface development. There are 3 variations of PCI, namely:

  1. A separate soundcard with no analog inputs and outputs, which means you need to buy additional tools such as separate preamps, direct boxes, and AD (analog-to-digital) and DA (digital-to-analog) converters. In fact, even for professionals, it’s the most popular choice – there are too many for this option to fall off the market.

  2. Analog inputs and outputs on the card: It has analog connections located on the PCI but that usually causes other problems such as humming recordings.

  3. Analog inputs and outputs are placed in separate boxes: This box is called a breakout box. Due to the low-level hum problem of interfaces with analog connectors, most PCI-based audio interface manufacturers place their analog circuits in separate boxes with cables attached to the PCI cards. One advantage of this – apart from eliminating the buzz – you can also change the input and output levels without having to use the software menus.

One of its advantages over other types lies in the transfer speed, however, the type of PCI is not without problems, there are some problems that often arise such as many computers or laptops (all macs except power macs) do not have a PCI slot and because PCI technology changes, causing the card no longer fits on all computers, meaning that if you intend to buy a PCI type, please consider it to fit the computer at home.

Firewire Interfaces (What is the Best Audio Interface)

Next, about What is the Best Audio Interface, the second option is a firewire interface. Audio interfaces with firewire connection types are considered more practical and versatile than PCI because you can easily move between two computers just by moving the firewire cable from one computer to another or if you want to do recording outside your studio, this is a plus because This interface with the firewire system can be taken wherever you want, but of course, you still have to bring a laptop, then you can take the sound recordings home to be edited or mixed in your home recording studio.

Audio Interface Firewire Interfaces

FireWire is available in two types: FireWire 400 and FireWire 800, and is generally well priced and worth the performance. FireWire devices have a higher bandwidth than USB 2.0 and therefore can send more data more quickly. This will result in the ability to utilize more inputs and outputs, as well as improved performance and stability. While FireWire is usually dedicated to audio/video purposes, another advantage is that multiple FireWire devices from the same family can be connected together for additional inputs and outputs. For example, you can connect two PreSonus FireStudio Projects together for a total of 20 inputs and 20 outputs.

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USB Interfaces

This type of USB connection is a low-cost recording solution, for people who only need a few inputs and outputs without compromising sound quality. The only problem with the USB connection system for recording audio is the relatively slow transfer speed. USB devices can be used on almost any computer because almost all computers have a USB port. In contrast, most modern PCs do not have a built-in FireWire port. A person can usually upgrade their computer to support FireWire, but this requires the purchase of additional hardware.

Audio Interface USB Interfaces

There is no form of chipset incompatibility with USB devices. The USB 2.0 interface can be used on almost any USB 2.0 port; however, with FireWire, one must have a supported chipset in order to use the device properly. USB devices are typically lower priced than FireWire devices, so they may be more attractive to users on a budget with more practical benefits and comparable quality.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages (What is the Best Audio Interface) of the audio interface above now is the time for You to choose the best connection type for your recording needs, but most importantly if you are a musician, make sure your work is prepared so that it is easy to record with this device. -What is the Best Audio Interface-

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