Top 5 Video Player For Android in 2016

How is it possible when we have a file format mp4, flv and many other video files can we play through android phone without a video player apps which will suport the format files ? certainly when we want to watch the video in our android mobile phone we should need a video player for android that matches the file that we have, because not all of the video player for android is able to read all the video files.

However, with the concomitant development of advanced technology and the emergence of many of the development or android app developers today is not a difficult anymore for us to get a video player for android phone apps easily and for free.

From most of the applications in the play store android market, we often come across an application called MX Player and VLC make up a third-party application in our play videos with complete support features in it.

Top Video Player For Android  List :

1. MX Player

MX Player video player for android
MX Player video player for android

The first video player for android phone is the MX Player, which this application is an application that may be in almost all android phones already installed because a lot of advantages appears in it, one of which is the ability to resume the video. So when you start to feel bored or sleepy when watching a movie you can immediately exit the application without having to pause it.

Which then if you want to see it again you just need to open the MX Player application and then find the movie you are watching earlier and you continue to play again. Later in this application you can also adjust the brightness of the screen without having to follow the bright ruination of the phone settings themselves.

Well in our opinion that maybe the most interesting of a wide range features in this application is the ability to pair Employing a movie subtitle files in foreign languages with easy way, because the MX Player is already in setting such a way as to facilitate its users. You also capable to install this app on the play store for this application is available for free in the play store. MX Player Free Download here

2. VLC Video Player

VLC video player for android
VLC video player for android

Is one of the most popular video player for android until this time, not only provides for PCs and laptops, development of this top app VLC also provides for the version of Android so that users who are familiar with these applications in PC and Laptop will easily access it because in addition to provide the free basis play in the app store also carries some features like which is owned by MX Player.

among others are resume features, adding subtitle and the lock button on this application that serves to lock this application so make the running video or movie you play will run smoothly without fear of being touched by your hand when accidentally pushed the button next or the pope. Similar to the MX Player application, VLC for Android has also been equipped with lighting settings that you can adjust easily. VLC Free Download here

3. Mobo Player

MOBO video player for android
MOBO video player for android

And the third video player for android is the Mobo Player, an application that is also quite popular in the ranking of google play store search. Where this application supports a variety of video formats, unfortunately from all that the video format that can be played, not all of the video can be entered subtitle because there are only a few video formats that could be compatible with the subtitles.

So this application possibly, a little bit less satisfying for those of you who are looking for a video player application for mobile phones, and android tablet that you have. But with the ease which can be accessed from this application,it makes this application remains a stout downloaded app in play store. Mobo Player Free Download here

4. Real Player

REAL video player for android
Real video player for android

the fourth video player for android is the Real Player. Applications are also pretty much in the interest of the android users wherever located, which this application also supports a variety of formats that can be played on it so that you no longer need to bother to find applications that compatible with your file format.

Besides it is free in the play store, the application is also very cheap to be operated in various types of smartphones to android tablet pc that incidentally has a large screen size, however the quality that it have is enough. Real Player Free Download here

5. HD Video Player

HD video player for android
HD video player for android

And the last video player for android could be for you to watch movies is HD Video Player is an application that is easy and also supports the file storage on an external sd card, because today many video player for android could not open a file that we put in the external memory.

But with the video player for android application’s HD Video Player, your flexibility in storing files will very easy to be found only in a few stages only. But for now the applications that can be said is also quite popular are still lost with Mx Player and VLC for Android that have a huge number of users. Still, you need to try to play the movie that you like.

Well based on the choices that we have told above, you will now easily find a video player that can play a variety of video formats that exist in your android phone, but you should use the applicaton that was not too big from the fifth above options for you can made a low-quality mobile phones that still have well working.

But all, returned to those who want to use it, you can choose one of the five video player for android above that can be utilized well, and so thats all information about the 5 Video Player for Android that can we share, and do not forget to forward another latest information. HD Video Player Free Download here


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