Tips for Choosing Distortion Pedal for Beginner

Distortion Pedal for Beginner – After in the previous article we discussed the overdrive pedal, this time we will discuss a similar but not the same pedal, namely the distortion pedal. Functionally, this pedal is similar to overdrive but with a larger distortion range than overdrive pedals

The easiest way to choose a distortion pedal is to look at the guitarist you want to pursue the sound of. By looking at what people use, at least it will be our first reference in answering the confusion in choosing the pedal we will use.

Another way is to hear opinions from friends who have used a distortion pedal first. The thing to remember in doing this is that we only hear opinions to gather information, not follow what our friends are doing. Don’t just because our friends use the BOSS OD-3 with Marshall amps, then we have to use them too. However, when that friend or person is performing live, we can pay attention to how the gear works and what difference it makes when the pedal is used or not.

Some Points for Reference to Find Distortion Pedal for Beginner

For certain music, the degree of distortion plays a very important role. Because for some types of music: too little distortion, our sound sounds weak, but too much distortion can also be severe because the sound is not clear. Here are some points that you can use as a reference:


This point will probably take quite a bit of time, as it will take some time for you to research the tone character of some of the pedals.


This one point may be easier to learn. We just have to look at the reputation of the manufacturer that issued the pedal in question.


When we try or see a demo of a distortion pedal, it helps us pay attention to the possible sound that the pedal can produce, whether it matches the music we play or not.


The last point but is the most decisive factor.

As usual, I will provide some pedal references that you can use as a reference. And interestingly, the pedals that I will describe are in the price range of one million but still have good quality.

The Best Distortion Pedal for Beginner

Pro Co RAT2 Distortion pedal

Pro Co RAT2 Distortion pedal for beginner

You could say it’s a pedal that has a half-fuzz and half-distortion sound. With a sound character that is a combination of these two things, this pedal has a unique sound that is difficult to find in other pedals. With fairly high flexibility, this pedal can accommodate us from the blues genre to hard rock or metal but with its distinctive sound.

BOSS DS1 Distortion Pedal

BOSS DS1 Distortion Pedal

One of the classic pedals with a quite unique sound. The most attractive feature of this pedal is probably its friendly price. However, this pedal was once in the effects line of virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai .’s class

Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Overdrive

Distortion pedal for Beginner - Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Overdrive

Again, this pedal is included in our list. With a description that is still the same as in the previous article, this pedal does have high flexibility that can accommodate us to get sounds, ranging from smooth overdrive to distortion sound pedals.

BOSS DS-2 Turbo Distortion

BOSS DS-2 Turbo Distortion

The next distortion pedal for beginner is BOSS DS-2 Turbo. Still a brother to the BOSS DS1, but this pedal provides a thicker and warmer distortion sound, featuring two ‘turbo’ settings from BOSS, this pedal deserves to be on our current list.

Electro-Harmonix Soul Food

Electro-Harmonix Soul Food - Distortion Pedal for Beginner


You may like this:

This pedal may not be suitable for high-distortion lovers, but it is an interesting choice for guitarists who are looking for a warm tone character, with low-mid distortion levels.

Well, hopefully, the description in this article and the previous article can help you understand more about overdrive and distortion pedals. So, good luck and don’t forget to always understand what you need to be a good musician.

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