R&B History, a Music Genre that is Always Evolving

R&B History – Despite having similar-sounding slices, R&B music is a musical genre that is actually quite different from hip hop music. However, it cannot be denied that R&B is a music genre that is quite often combined as an aspect of collaboration between the two genres. Therefore, this article was created to provide clear knowledge regarding R&B music that is important for you to know the world’s repository of music information.

Talking about this genre of music, as R&B History, this music is a genre that has actually been around for a long time in the international music industry. However, from time to time, every musician from various generations has their own interpretation in interpreting R&B music through their work. Therefore, R&B is one of the music that has quite a rich and extensive history of development if you want to understand this genre in depth.

R&B History

R&B Music History

One aspect that often makes hip hop equated with R&B is the background behind the birth of this music genre. Similar to hip hop music, R&B is one of the genres of music that was born in the plains of the United States. The popularity of R&B music came from the interest of the African-American community in the 1940s. Initially, this music genre was known as Rhythm and Blues. However, to sound more attractive and easy to pronounce, record label organizations at that time used the abbreviation R&B.

Based on the name of the genre that was first coined, R&B is a musical genre that developed from the blues. The development that occurs with R&B music is the use of rhythmic instrumentalization used by the musicians. At that time, R&B was a combination of blues music with a touch of instruments and rhythmic music colors that came from jazz.

The characteristics of R&B music that are synonymous with blues and jazz music are quite enduring for a long time. The development of R&B music only began to be felt in the 1970s. R&B musicians at that time began to add other instruments to bring out different colors. In that era, the R&B unit was a group of musicians synonymous with piano, guitar, bass, drums, and saxophone players. In fact, it is not uncommon for R&B music groups to also have background singers present.

In that era, the term R&B was not only used for musical groups that could be identified from their musical instruments. R&B was also used to provide shelter for the development of other musical genres, including soul, funk, and disco. Until now, even soul is still quite intersecting with the R&B genre.

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R&B History. Entering the 1980s to 1990s, R&B music was again experiencing development. There is even a slight adjustment related to categorization for this genre of music in this era. Entering a new era, R&B is a music genre that is becoming known to have a close slice of hip hop. Therefore, music observers began to introduce the categorization of contemporary R&B. In this case, contemporary R&B is a music genre that has begun to fuse the differences between the two genres in one song. Not infrequently R&B musicians also participated in collaborations initiated by hip hop musicians of that era. Until now, contemporary R&B is the color of music that continues to be developed by musicians, both in the United States and around the world.