Fractal AX8 Review, Favorite Digital Multi Effect

Fractal AX8 Review – This paper does not discuss a tool that is the most updated this year in terms of its release. The tool that we will discuss is the Fractal AX8, in terms of age, the release of this item is not the latest series because there are already two more generations in the following years. Until now the newest series is Fractal FM3, which of course we will discuss in the next article.

We had thought about using digital multi-effects in a simple way, but very complete in terms of features. Our wish was answered with the release of the Fractal AX8 a few years ago. It’s possible that many guitarists besides us felt the same way when the AX8 was launched. With this tool, I feel a lot of help when on stage. With a very large sound capacity and all the sound features are very close to analog, of course, it will be very comfortable when using it.

In the afternoon We played on Music School to do a guitar clinic, after that on a different stage followed by a performance with another band in an acoustic format. In terms of time, of course, it will be a little complicated if we use an analog device because we have to prepare an amp and some stompbox effects, with a very large number of cables, of course. You can imagine this will take more time and energy in the process.


Fractal AX8 Review

Long story short, when we played with  Music School to do a workshop, we didn’t use an amp at all, we used an amp and a cabinet simulator from the AX8 direct to the mixer. Likewise, for the acoustic session with another band, we used all the sound modeling amps to the sound effects of the tool. And all the sound produced in our opinion is very sufficient.

Set-Up Fractal AX8

For Fractal AX8 Review, we prepared several set-ups depending on what needs to be used according to stage conditions, including:

  1. Four Cable Method. In this set-up, we use a set-up such as the setting when using an analog system to enable each switch to become several separate stompbox effects, with the method of two main wires from the guitar to several stompboxes being forwarded to the amp input and two wires on the send return by storing some modulation effects in it.
  2. The second set-up is the simplest direct method for digital effects. It can already be used using only two cables, from the guitar to the AX8 input, and continued via the XLR output to the mixer.
  3. The third set-up is a set-up that is often done generally done by using two mono wires from the guitar to the input and then from the AX8 output to the return slot on the amp.
  4. The next set-up uses a separate output, which is a combination of the second and third methods. In this setting, we can make two kinds of settings, the first is to make both signals with a wet sound that has been processed on the AX8 or make both channels have different sounds, namely wet and dry by making additional settings for fx loops in the effect.

This can be set through the front panel on the AX8, but it would be more fun if we made the settings connected to a computer. Another reason is that we can save 512 presets into this effect, so it will be more difficult if we set up from a front panel with a smaller LCD size.

Of course, there are many more set-up methods for this effect, we think this effect has a very high degree of flexibility and is designed for several types of the setup of a guitarist.

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Many people think that they prefer the Fractal AX FX-II because the processor is smaller than the rack version, but so far we feel that it’s not a problem. Because basically, the sound produced by the AX8 can represent what we need on stage, especially when we need a very simple set-up. Fat sound, good frequency detail with any kind of sound supported by a good dynamic range, supports many types of games such as nuance playing, strumming, using a pick or fingerstyle will be very well represented by this tool. Thanks for following our Fractal AX8 Review.

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