FINNEAS Billie Ellish, Share New Single Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa

FINNEAS Billie Ellish a Singer, songwriter, and producer FINNEAS has shared a new song called Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa. This new single was released on July 15, 2022, and the artwork was done specifically and exclusively by the United States director, Gus Van Sant.

The song is an early follow-up to FINNEAS’ debut solo album Optimist, as well as the latest single Naked, which was released at the end of March. Meanwhile, FINNEAS itself has also shared the single Nobody Like U, a song written by FINNEAS and singer Billie Eilish for the latest Pixar film, Turning Red. The song Nobody Like U is performed by the fictional music group 4*Town.

In addition, the single Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa is also equipped with a music video featuring footage from Finneas Billie Eilish’s recent main UK and European tour.

FINNEAS Billie Ellish - Mona Lisa Mona Lisa

Meanwhile, the exclusive artwork done by director Gus Van Sant is specifically for this new FINNEAS single. Gus Van Sant revealed that the artwork is a painting based on the legendary Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci. This painting by the famous director was given directly by him to FINNEAS.

In a post on Instagram, FINNEAS Billie Ellish wrote: “The artwork is a painting by the amazing Gus Van Sant that he gave me before he even knew I had it. a song called Mona Lisa. It’s really cool and it’s an honor to have this piece of art on the cover of my song.”

Reviewing FINNEAS’ debut solo album Optimist, which was released last year, NME mentioned: “He made his name producing and writing for his megastar sister Billie Eilish, and now it’s FINNEAS’s turn to be in the spotlight. The optimist has been around for a long time, following 23 singles released since 2016, and fully justifies why he’s become an industry producer du jour.

“This album record took two paths to do it—classic, timeless pop songwriting and something more modern and up-to-date. He excels at both, bringing to life rich, warm melodies while flexing his experimental flesh,” continued NME in the FINNEAS album review.

In their previous single, Naked—which was released last March, FINNEAS wanted to describe the feeling of being annoyed and embarrassed because of a past experience that he doesn’t want to remember anymore. Naked tells about one’s regret when it comes to his lover. A long-standing love affair had to end because the lover was not the right person. The relationship ended up leaving a deep wound.

The single Naked also comes with a music video directed by Sam Bennett. FINNEAS itself seemed to be performing its newest song in a studio room lit by a row of ever-changing lights. This track starts off with a funky pop groove feel but gets more dramatic with rock music.

On the other hand, 2022 has indeed been a year full of surprises and achievements for FINNEAS. Earlier this year, FINNEAS and Billie Eilish met with United States President Joe Biden at the White House. The musician brothers and sisters were invited, along with their parents Maggie and Patrick, to meet the US President following their support for Biden during the 2020 US election.

Meanwhile, at the end of March, FINNEAS and Billie Eilish won their first Oscar for the theme song for the James Bond film, No Time To Die. This is the first time the brothers have been nominated for one of the most prestigious trophies and took home the award for “Best Original Song.”

Billie Eilish and FINNEAS beat the likes of Beyoncé, Van Morrison, Reba McEntire, and Lin-Manuel Miranda to fight for the trophy. Billie Eilish is reportedly the youngest person to win three trophies for film music, having won an Oscar, a Grammy, and a Golden Globe for No Time To Die.

Winning this prestigious award, Billie Eilish said it was so incredible she could scream. He went on to thank the team behind the film No Time To Die, which highlighted one of their collaborators. Billie Eilish revealed, “[Thanks to] Johnny Marr for taking our song and making it James Bond-worthy.”


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While FINNEAS added: “Finally we want to thank our parents who have always been our inspiration and biggest heroes. We love you as parents and we also love you as a real person. Thanks to The Academy.”

Finneas Baird O’Connell, is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and actor born July 30, 1997. He is known mononymously as Finneas (stylized as FINNEAS. He has written and produced music for a number of artists, including his sister, Billie Eilish.

He has won eight Grammy Awards among 13 total nominations, including nominations for all of the Big Four. For his work with his sister, he has won two consecutive “Record of the Year”, “Album of the Year”, “Song of the Year”, “Best Pop Vocal Album”, and “Best Engineered Album, Non-Song”. Classical” as well as being nominated for “Best New Artist” for his work.

Their song No Time to Die from the film of the same name earned FINNEAS an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and a Grammy.

FINNEAS Billie Ellish has released several singles as a solo artist, and his debut EP, Blood Harmony, was released in October 2019. The EP includes Let’s Fall in Love for the Night, his most successful song to date. His debut studio album, Optimist, was released through Interscope Records in October 2021.

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