Eddie Van Halen Guitar Story : Ibanez Destroyer

ibanez destroyer evh
Eddie van halen’s signature ibanez destroyer guitar


Eddie Van Halen may be known for using and abusing hot rodded Stratocaster style guitars, but some of his most populer riffs were recorded with this mid Seventies Ibanez Destroyer guitar. “I used this guitar for a lot of Van Halen,” he says. “You can hear it on all the stuff that didn’t have any whammy bar on it: ‘you really got me,’ the rhytm track on ‘Jamie’s Cryin’, and ‘On Fire’.

According to the guitarist, the Destroyer, which is pictured on the cover of Women and Children First, “was one of the few guitars made out of korina wood that you could get without spending an arm and a leg.”

Unfortunately, shortly after recording Van Halen’s landmark debut, Eddie maimed the guitar in a moment of workbench zeal. “it was a great sounding guitar until i hacked a chunk out of it to make it look different,” he says with a chuckle. “It was ruined! The sound change from really fat and Les Paul like to real weak and Stratty. I thought i might have damaged the pickup when i took out the wood, so I stuck in another pickup, buit it sounded the same real bad. The mistake was that i took out a piece right by the bridge, where a lot of resonance and tone come from.”

Eddie went out and brought another Destroyer. “But by that time” he says, ‘they’d changed the body wood.”


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