Ed Sheeran with Bad Habits is Back at Number One on UK Charts

Ed Sheeran Bad Habits – Apparently, Ed Sheeran is still trying to maintain his predicate as one of the famous musicians who always manages to become a hitmaker. This was again proven through the new single from Ed Sheeran entitled Bad Habits. The achievement obtained by Ed Sheeran is the 10th success of the musician to get number 1 on the UK singles chart.

Since 2014, Ed Sheeran has consistently managed to place his works in the top 3 positions for the UK chart. For his new song, Bad Habits, which was released at the end of last June, Ed Sheeran’s name even skyrocketed to the top of the UK charts. Recorded on its first day, sales of Ed Sheeran’s new single managed to reach a figure of 92,000 which was also supported by 8.7 million playbacks through the streaming platform.

Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits

Ed Sheeran’s success in reaching number one on the UK singles chart (Ed Sheeran Bad Habits) for the tenth time made him one of the record holders of 8 other musicians. The names of musicians who have preceded Ed Sheeran in his achievements on the UK chart include Eminem and Calvin Harris. Of course, the achievements obtained by Ed Sheeran are also quite surprising. The reason is, Bad Habits is the first single released by Ed Sheeran for the last 4 years for his personal music project.

Ed Sheeran also had time to express his gratitude to the fans who are faithfully waiting for the arrival of his new work. In addition, Ed Sheeran also expressed his gratitude to those who helped the musician to be able to rank first on the singles chart in the United Kingdom. The statement was recorded by Ed Sheeran at his residence and uploaded through the Youtube channel of the Official Charts.

Before finally officially releasing his new single (Ed Sheeran Bad Habits), Ed Sheeran had kept the promotion process a secret, namely the video clip. However, a fan happened to be in the area where the video clip for Bad Habits was filmed in London and took some pictures of the procession run by Ed Sheeran for his new song. In the process of shooting the video clip, Ed Sheeran plays a zombie and also becomes an ordinary human who plays music using his guitar. In addition to the new single, Ed Sheeran also briefly revealed that he will soon release the fourth album in 2021. The news about Ed Sheeran’s planned music project was revealed through his official Instagram account when the musician celebrated the musician’s 30th birthday.

Outside of his activities as a musician, Ed Sheeran is known to be a football fan. Until now, Ed Sheeran is known as one of the celebrities who faithfully support Ipswich Town, a football club that is now in the third division in the English football competition system. The support that was initially only limited to emotion has now given birth to beneficial collaboration or cooperation. At the beginning of last May, Ed Sheeran just revealed that he would act as a sponsor to be emblazoned on the football jersey of Ipswich Town.

Officially, Ed Sheeran stated that he would sponsor Ipswich Town in the football competition next season. The news was first revealed through Ed Sheeran’s personal Instagram account, which he also uses to broadcast the musician’s tour plans for next year. Talking about what logo will be displayed by Ed Sheeran for the Ipswich Town shirt, the musician only explained that later everything about himself and his favorite football club will be revealed at the right time.

Ed Sheeran admits that since childhood he has been a loyal supporter of the Ipswich Town football club. According to Ed Sheeran, the Ipswich Town football club was a big part of his childhood environment in Suffolk, England. He explained that what he did as a sponsor for the Ipswich Town football club in the 2021/2022 season was a reciprocal form of what his proud club had given him where he grew up. Ed Sheeran also admitted that at this time he really missed the moment to go to Portman Road, the stadium belonging to the Ipswich Town football club, and feel the atmosphere of excitement from every match. Ed Sheeran can’t wait for the time when English football fans will be able to visit the stadium of his proud football club and the musician will be one of them.

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Ed Sheeran also admitted that despite being in a pandemic period, the 2020/2021 season was a pretty interesting new chapter for the Ipswich Town football club. The reason is, Ed Sheeran’s pride football club has just got a new investor from the United States. Ed Sheeran also expressed his hope that with these investors and the support he provided, he could improve the performance and enthusiasm of all Ipswich Town football club players in the future.

Outside of music and football, in March, Ed Sheeran had just auctioned his personal painting for £51,000. The proceeds from the auction of Ed Sheeran’s painting were used by the musician for a charitable mission to help donate to people with cancer. Ed Sheeran’s abstract painting is entitled Splash Planet. Ed Sheeran admitted that it took him 30 days to successfully complete the painting. -Ed Sheeran Bad Habits-

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