Coldplay Announce New Album Titled ‘Music of the Spheres’, Release October 2021

Coldplay New Album 2021 – After an enigmatic first half of 2021, Coldplay has finally shared details about their ninth album with the public. The new album will be titled “Music of the Spheres” by Coldplay.

Through an upload on their Instagram account, Coldplay plans to officially release the album on October 15. Coldplay also uploaded a leak about this album by uploading a handwritten image and an album trailer consisting of 12 songs.

In Coldplay New Album 2021 also uploaded a visual in the form of a combination of animations that seem to depict space travel and artwork related to the planets. In the upload, Coldplay also made a phrase: ‘Everyone is an alien somewhere.

With all the leaks from this upload, the album Music of the Spheres can be predicted to still carry the sci-fi theme that has been identified to the British band. This kind of theme can be seen from the new song released by Coldplay last May, Higher Power.

Coldplay New Album 2021

This song was performed for the first time on the International Space Station (ISS) to entertain the astronauts who were on duty there. Another previous series was “Higher Power” which was announced in a beautiful way via a large billboard with the release of a site called alien radio FM. Fans through the site managed to decipher symbols such as letters to reveal the song title and release date.

The song Higher Power was officially released by Coldplay in early May, to be precise on May 7, 2021. The news about Coldplay’s preparations to introduce Higher Power’s song had actually been announced when the British band told about their latest music project called Alien Radio at the end of last April.

In the production process, the latest song from Coldplay is supported by the presence of Max Martin as a producer. Max Martin’s reputation as a producer is indeed quite large. He is known as one of the best pop producers today.

Coldplay also expressed praise for the expertise possessed by Max Martin in maximizing the potential of a song. In a post on social media, Coldplay praised the talent possessed by Max Martin and called him one of the wonders of the entire universe. Coldplay also revealed that preliminary sketches of Higher Power had been in the works since early 2020.

Officially, Higher Power as a song was first announced by Coldplay in early May. But Coldplay’s front row fans have started to guess about the new music project that the British band will release a long time ago.

The speculation started when Coldplay fans entered the official website of their favorite band and found a graphic like a round foreign character. The characters are designed interactively. This interaction occurs when site visitors hover their cursor over the rounded part of the character.

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In addition in Coldplay New Album 2021 also held a concert on TikTok on May 24. Coldplay performed four songs live on their official TikTok channel. According to NME, the Britpop band played a short gig broadcast live from London in support of Red Nose Day USA.

Meanwhile, Red Nose Day is an annual campaign held to end child poverty. On Red Nose Day’s YouTube account, Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin invites Coldplay fans to attend their live performance on TikTok.

Incidentally, Coldplay is also quite busy on TikTok after hundreds of thousands of TikTok users use their latest song, Higher Power, to create content. According to TikTok, more than 123,000 creations have been made on the platform using the song.

Coldplay is also quite active in carrying out its role to spread kindness in difficult times that are being felt almost all over the world today. One of the good things Coldplay has done is to participate in fundraising initiatives to help those who have been economically affected by the spread of the Coronavirus.

In Coldplay New Album 2021, Coldplay also donated their rare vinyl to a charity exhibition. This charity exhibition event was organized by Helium London, an art gallery based in London England, with the help of Pavement Licker as curator. Titled Pressing Matters, the charity exhibition will feature artists creating works of art from rare vinyl to equipment to be presented for a month and then auctioned off.

The exhibition will be held at 5 Carlos Place in London, MATCHESFASHION’s headquarters, from 4-29 May 2021. Then from 24-29 May, the works will be auctioned on London’s Helium website. All proceeds from this auction will be donated to the charity Music Support, which provides mental health support to music industry workers.

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