Coheed and Cambria Release Single ‘Shoulders’ and Prepare 10th Album

Coheed and Cambria – It’s been a long time since they released an original work, Coheed and Cambria provide surprising news for their music lovers. The progressive rock unit from New York United States released a new song.

Titled ‘Shoulders’, this song was officially released on July 21 on all streaming music player services. Coheed and Cambria also presented a lyric video for their latest single which will soon be followed by a music video.

“In art, in your career, in relationships, no matter how much you give yourself or try, you have to accept that not everything in life can be perfect,” singer/guitarist Claudio Sanchez said of the song Shoulders.

“That’s kind of the message of ‘Shoulders’ and the thought that inspired it. I think the bold energy that comes from the riff gave me the confidence to express it,” he explained.

It is rumored that this Shoulders song will be the opening act of Coheed and Cambria’s new album. To Consequence Of Sound, Sanchez also confirmed that Coheed and Cambria were working on new music during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coheed and Cambria

“I’ll be honest. A lot of times, with bands that have been around and built a strong fan base as we have, I think there may be a tendency, intentionally or not, to try to give fans what they want and not take too many risks. “Sanchez said.

“But after making music for so long and going into a pandemic, we don’t want any limitations in the creative process. The [next] record will be what I hope people think the band will be in 2021/2022,” he said.

“This is a more modern record, it is a record from Coheed and Cambria, we are looking forward, not backward. I think the biggest influence on this record was my son and navigating parenthood in this strange new world that we all discover. .”

Prior to releasing this new song, Coheed and Cambria actually released a song with veteran vocalist Rick Springfield entitled Jessie’s Girl 2. This is a sequel to Springfield’s 1981 song Jessie’s Girl.

In addition to new music, Coheed and Cambria are also scheduled to tour the United States with The Used. The joint tour will begin on August 27 in Irvine, California, and conclude on September 24 in Jacksonville, Florida.

This tour marks the first time the two bands have performed together since 2003. “When the idea popped into my head, I was reminded of the day I met my wife. We met in 2003 at the Marquee Theater in Jacksonville, Florida, when Coheed supported The Used. I think it could bring back some memories. I also feel like there’s some crossover that can excite both audiences of this band,” Sanchez said of the tour.

The last album released by Coheed and Cambria was Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures in October 2018. The first single released from this album, The Dark Sentencer, has a duration of 10 minutes.

“The Dark Sentencer” is Coheed And Cambria’s signature prog-rock number, a blend of science fiction and grandiose arrangements. According to the narrator, the song tells the love story between a pair of creatures who were cursed on the remains of earth that were destroyed by an intergalactic accident. Earth is now controlled by a handful of elites who turn the planet into a private prison.

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“Nevertheless, there are still signs of life and a pulse of hope in the midst of a forgotten planet. The abandoned Earth is still very active… and turned into a money-making machine by the five kingdoms of the Houses of the Star Supremacy, an elite society that sees potential on this wasted planet.”

“Here, the outcasts and the displaced slowly burn, trapped by death in their own land. In the spaces between ignorance and knowledge. Our story begins here, this is the future, deep in the memories of our past, in the middle of a love story between two beings.”

“The Gavel moved slowly like a funeral rite, avoiding the black spaces towards a planet filled with rifts. This is the final verdict for two prisoners who are being moved between its walls and are inevitably headed for the most despicable and highly anticipated prison, The Dark Sentencer,” said vocalist Carlos Sanchez.

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