LR Baggs M1A Active Soundhole Magnetic Pickup Review

Features of LR Baggs M1A Pickup

LR Baggs M1A – One of the problems with using an acoustic guitar on stage is being able to amplify the sound of the guitar well including the tone and wood sound. An acoustic pickup that does that well is the LR Baggs M1a.¬†The active pickup equipped with this preamp is capable of capturing and …

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Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar Review

jamstik studio midi guitar

Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar – Jamstik is a guitar-shaped controller that integrates with iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and Mac computers. In other words, the Jamstik is a midi guitar. The size of a ukulele Jamstik is equipped with realistic strings that do not need to be tuned, as well as a rechargeable battery. Jamstik …

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Jimi Hendrix Pedal Chain, Use these 4 pedals

FUZZ'S FACE Pedal effect

Jimi Hendrix Pedal Chain – This guitarist who was born in 1942 in Seattle is famous for his ‘naughty’ guitar playing with a rough sound. Well, now you have the opportunity to have the rich sound of Jimi Hendrix, with just a few of these pedals. 4 Pedals to Create the Jimi Hendrix Guitar Sound …

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How to Use Delay Pedal Properly

How to Use Delay Effect Pedal for electric Guitar

How to Use Delay Pedal¬† – in the previous article we discussed about Gain-based effect units (Fuzz, Overdrive & distortion), it feels incomplete if we don’t talk about Time-based effect units. In short, this type of effect works by capturing the incoming sound input and playing it back for a certain period of time. Although …

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What is the Difference Between Fuzz, Distortion and Overdrive Pedal

Find Difference Between Fuzz, Distortion and Overdrive

Difference Between Fuzz Distortion and Overdrive – For guitarists, buying or owning an effects pedal is an absolute necessity. Regardless of the number of pedals used, it helps us to know what are the differences between different types of pedals (analog/digital), stompboxes, or multi-effects. And one of the most common types of effects used by …

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How to Choose Equipment to Record Music

Input Channel Type on Equipment to Record Music

Equipment to Record Music – This article is a continuation of the previous article which discusses what equipment is needed to build a home audio recording. This time we will discuss about one of the devices listed in the previous article, namely the Audio Interface. Suppose we already have a PC/laptop that meets specifications for …

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Equipment for Recording Music at Home

Personal Computer for audio recording

Equipment for Recording Music at Home – After previously discussing the importance of understanding basic audio recording for a musician, surely the next question that arises is what should we learn first. I’m sure there are many friends who want to understand basic audio recording with the aim of being able to produce our own …

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What is the Difference Between Active Pickup and Passive Pickup?

Difference Between Active Pickup and Passive Pickup

Difference Between Active Pickup and Passive Pickup – Buying a gear/music device may be an easy-to-easy experience for some guitarist friends or those who are just serious about getting into this field. Even now, sometimes I still like to ‘worry’ if I have to buy a music device. Because it is easy for us to …

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Best Headphones for Mixing and Mastering, Some Tips for Choosing

Shure SRH1840 - Headphones for Mixing and Mastering

Headphones for Mixing and Mastering – When producing music, there are two real things that connect us to the music we are working on. Yup, those two things are monitor speakers and headphones. Whether it’s in a professional studio or a home studio (home recording), artists or engineers will depend on these two things. Now, …

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