Atom Presonus Review, Help You as Electronic Song Writer

Atom Presonus is one of the newest Presonus products which is very good for music production or live performance. A total of 16 highly sensitive Velocity and Pads, 21 buttons, and four knobs in a solid 8×8-inch box.

Atom Presonus’s price is not too expensive because it was released at a price of 149 USD. Of course, this tool is simple but powerful enough for the size of a Controller or Beat Machine. This tool includes being named one of the best gear at the prestigious event in America, NAMM SHOW 2019.

The Atom

The Atom itself does not light up colorfully until the device is connected via a USB port. Once connected, this tool will turn on depending on the mode that will be used. When connected to a DAW or non-Presonus instrument, it will light up in one color and vice versa.

Atom Presonus Pad Controller

Yup, because The Atom is a Presonus product, it’s as if they require us to use other devices they made so that The Atom turns on more attractively from each pad, but this is not too significant functionally, hehe.

There are four knobs at the very top that can function as Filter, Pitch, or Level Control. Ten small buttons lined up vertically on the left will organize the Song, Project Event, Instrument Type, Note Repeat, and Shift Key. Furthermore, 11 vertical buttons on the right side will integrate controls in the operation of the tool, such as the direction navigation buttons, and record, play and stop buttons.

The Atom makes it easy to create tracks, change tempos, editors, and set loops. When this tool is connected with the Studio-One plug-in, we do not need to use the mouse to select the sounds or beats to be used.

Why did I take the example of the Studio-One plug-in? Yep, because specifically, this tool will easily work better if it is integrated with the plug-in.

However, we don’t need to worry because this tool can still be used with other third-party media. So by using this tool, we can create or record beats in a very fast way without having to use a lot of other media.

For a composer, The Atom Presonus will be very helpful in terms of time efficiency because we are like playing beats in a small box without having to draw them one by one on a MIDI track in a DAW. Velocity The Atom will also not be too annoying and stiff, which removes the human impression, because the sound recorded depends on how much force we “tap” the pad that this tool uses.

The bigger we tap the tool, the greater the velocity generated without having to edit MIDI files one by one. For example, we also don’t have to worry about missing the “ghost-note” sound from the snare drum.

Apart from the forms of drum sounds, we can still switch to MIDI Keyboard Mode, for white keys will be given yellow and blue indicators on black keys. We can easily also access several octaves. Very helpful right? We can still play like a keyboardist without having to add an external MIDI Keyboard.

Make people like me; who are arguably not too patient to edit MIDI files one by one in song composition, The Atom Presonus can be a fun solution in the process of making beats.

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This tool will give a good musical sensation because it will help pour a lot of spontaneous ideas when we use it, yeah it just works.

Supported by its small size, Atom Presonus doesn’t need to take up much space on the workbench, and the funny thing is that this tool seems to tell us to avoid the mouse when working when combined with Studio One. So it is very clear that this tool can be used by non-serious beat makers though.

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